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  1. Our ally Kashmir has requested our help. We hereby declare war on SUN. KirstenMichelle ~ Empress Joe Stupid ~ Dark Lord AdolphMussolini ~ Sith Lord rabonnobar ~ Sith Lord
  2. [center][/center] [center]In following the optional aggression clause of our MDoAP with NG, we The New Sith Order, hereby declare war on Supernova X.[/center] [center] KirstenMichelle ~ Empress Joe Stupid ~ Dark Lord AdolphMussolini ~ Sith Lord rabonnobar ~ Sith Lord [/center]
  3. The Terra-Cotta Pact Preamble We, the signatories of the Terra-Cotta Pact, seek to build strength, friendships, and stability on the White Trading Sphere. We know that new players and alliances are the future of the White Team, and to this end, we pledge our resources and strength to one another and bind ourselves to the articles held within. We swear to aid each other to the best of our abilities, not only when it is easy, but when it is hard. Defense Protectorates of the Terra-Cotta Pact that find themselves the victims of unwarranted aggression by an outside party will be defended by the New Sith Order. Aggressive action should not be taken by protectorates without NSO approval. In the event that the New Sith Order is attacked or is attacking, the participation of protectorates in NSO’s aid is purely optional. Realizing that defense does not only come through military might, all signatories agree to use any financial and diplomatic means as appropriate for the defense of other signatories. Senatorial Collaboration Team senators are pillars which help uphold the integrity and growth of any color sphere. The signatories of this Pact agree to collaborate in votes for both proposals and the election of senators themselves. However, collaboration between signatories is no replacement for collaboration with all white team alliances. The signatories agree to pursue fair agreements and amicable relations with white team non-signatories. Additions Any alliance that wishes to become a protectorate that is on the white team sphere, or predominately on the white team sphere, may join the pact provided that they agree to the articles contained within and have the approval of the New Sith Order. Withdrawals Any alliance that wishes to withdraw from this treaty may do so provided that they have given 72 hours of notice to all other signing parties. If any protectorate has conducted its affairs in bad faith either through violations in diplomatic affairs or senseless endangerment of other signatories, the protectorate may be removed by the New Sith Order after being given 72 hours notice. Revisions The Terra-Cotta Pact may have its articles revised with the approval of all signatories, protector and protectorate alike. Signed, KirstenMichelle ~ Empress Joe Stupid ~ Dark Lord AdolphMussolini ~ Sith Lord Hereno ~ Sith Lord 2Burnt2eat ~ Lord Regnant
  4. Thank you to Rayvon for all of your hard work and the trust you've put into me. I'm sad to see you step down, but with all the time and effort you've given us, you do deserve some relaxation. I'll do my best to make NSO and our allies proud. o/ Imperator Emeritus Rayvon o/ Our new Dark Lord Joe Stupid o/ New Sith Order
  5. One of the few times I'm glad there's one less woman in this game. After playing this game for 5 years nobody has made an offer to cyber with me. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but maybe that has something to do with the lack of free stuff I should be getting.
  6. Starting another. Needs two sellers and two buyers.
  7. [quote name='Ready to win' timestamp='1309894183' post='2749579'] I'll take on some Tech deals. I got 4 open slots. [/quote] Sorry, got the last seller. I'll start another one once we get another buyer or seller in NSO.
  8. In NSO I encourage people to sign up for 3x3s if they aren't using enough aid slots. Here is the current 3x3 deal I'm trying to fill up. Any of them may use up their aid slots other ways before this is ready and get replaced in the deal. Open spots can be signed up by anyone here. Buyers Kirstenmichelle Boss Case Ashketchum135 Sellers Narcotic PvtRyan OPEN How 3x3s work: Buyer A sends $3 mil to Seller A Seller A sends 50 tech to Buyer B and another 50 tech to Buyer C Buyer B sends $3 mil to Seller B Seller B sends 50 tech to Buyer A and another 50 tech to Buyer C Buyer C send $3 mil to Seller C Seller C sends 50 tech to Buyer A and another 50 tech to Buyer B Takes 3 aid slots at once instead of 1 aid slots used 3 times over the course of a month.
  9. Found a nation with gems and uranium for circle 10- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=395656 And it looks like citnick who signed up for circle 6 has furs and sugar not furs and silver.
  10. Found someone with iron and spices who'd like to be in circle 5 http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=396611
  11. Found someone with lead and oil who's interested in Circle 1 Here's his nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=230580
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