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  1. Broon

    SDI - 60%?

    I think I have been sold a dud SDI. I've been nuked almost every day since I began war 9 days ago and my lovely SDI has only stepped in once. I believe I have eaten 7 nukes, so that's 1/8 effectiveness (12.5%). Now, when attacking its completely different. I had to send 7 nukes this morning to deliver 2. One guys SDI worked 4 times in a row. Is there anything else that affects the effectiveness of an SDI? Why is my SDI so poor? Surely it's not 'luck'?
  2. This issue has been dealt with and will not happen again. That indeed was no way for any member to behave, never mind a government member. Nonetheless. Lets not drag an alliances name through the mud for the actions of one member. Are all The Sasori Initiative members whiter than white? We all make mistakes. I guess it was appropriate you brought up the shark war in a thread about tech raids though.
  3. WAPA has herself been on the end of some ridiculous peace terms in the past. It makes you think twice. TFD fought with honour and deserved their peace. P.S I just want to give a special mention to our troops - they were absolutely outstanding in this battle. Also, it was a pleasure fighting with our friends at TGE and FOK.
  4. This is the only ODP we have which allows for cascading declarations e.g. Treaty partner declares on Alliance A, Alliance B declares on Treaty Partner, ODP is activated. Also, we share senate voting with TGE on white. Of course we will look after these guys. We shall offer support to ALL our allies though, whatever is requested though we cannot fight militarily on both sides.
  5. WAPA Declaration of WAR. We know it’s late but…. WAPA has friends and allies on both sides of this war. Due to internal issues, we were intending to stay out of it and to simply help our friends rebuild in the aftermath. However, our close allies at TGE are in need of our help. We shall not let them suffer and we answer their call. WAPA honours our treaty with TGE and initiates clause Amendment A.I of our ODP with TGE: [b]Amendment A - Pledge of Optional Defence[/b] I. We Are Perth Army and the German Empire hereby additionally acknowledge this document as a pledge of optional de
  6. The problem is, the more information you give to your members the more chance there is of a leak. In a democratic alliance you vote for those you trust to make the right decisions on your behalf. You cannot have a referendum on every decision.
  7. People ask me why WAPA does not sign anything stronger than an ODP. I point to this thread. What is the point if the other guy can just cancel it at the first sign of trouble? Treaties are worthless if you don't intend to honour them.
  8. WAPA IS CLASS Our alliance is approaching 3 million NS We have 150 members (avg 20k NS) Plenty of money to go around - 6 mil when you join. The most active spam forum in CN. Reader beware, you're in for a scare. http://www.wearepertharmy.co.uk
  9. We do, but only if you want access to the 'special room'
  10. About time. Nobody should be under terms for that period of time.
  11. Nation:Broonland Ruler: Broon Style:3 Alliance:We Are Perth Army Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=55165
  12. The left and right tree's in the forums table were totally screwed up. I ran a repair on the database and it appeard to fix it. However, after that the same thing started happening again but much worse. I now think it was bug/virus. My last backup was 6 weeks old - so I'm now kicking myself because I know better. I just became complacent. I noticed a problem about a week ago when a few forums 'disappeared'. It was in my hunt for these forums that I discoverd the strange behaviour. I think it basically got the forum ID's mixed up in a lookup table and the problem propgated whenever you change
  13. This confirms everything I have ever thought about you Tygaland. You are a deluded narcissist. I truly hope in future you lead your alliance by the words you preach in the opening paragraph. These are honourable words. But that is all they are - words. I kindly request no WAPA members post in this thread.
  14. Broon


    I have NEVER had a positive event and I have 3 concurrent negative events about 90% of the time. Currently I am sitting with -2 happiness, -3 happiness and an event that gives me both -1 happiness and -$3.00. So in total I am 6 happiness down and -$3.00. Try taking that level of events permantently - it ruins the game a wee bit. It probably costs me close to a million every day.
  15. So I missed the boat to Lord Chris then Cheers LC - BOOOOOOOOO!
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