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  1. Oh yeah, and join Fark because new players totally see this garbage. /Credit to Yak for the graphic
  2. Bleak Outlook

    Silent No Longer

    I was told by my gov that Farkistan's long-standing policy of radio silence on the OWF was repealed. Now we can finally come on to these forums and express ourselves! Hurray for Farkistan! Everyone who doesn't like it can EAT !@#$ AND DIE IN A FIRE.
  3. Bleak Outlook

    Da WAE

    Your forgot to post the picture of the gigantic, grandma panties to go with your post. Also, happy birthday GATO and your rotten, stinking meme.
  4. *BEGIN TRANSMISSION* "How the hell did I end up here? Christ almighty I have GOT to quit drinking.......still stinks like goat sex in here." *END TRANSMISSION*
  5. Bleak Outlook

    Dos Equis on Ice

    This announcement is like sex, except I'm having it!
  6. Bleak Outlook

    It's time for a Farking change

    It's like Malcolm X and the Pope had a baby and tried to drown it just long enough for it to get brain damage, then they let it grow up to write an announcement. A++++ would read again!
  7. Bleak Outlook

    Response to Recent Events in Farkistan

    nnnughgghgghghghhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my God! Your annoyance! Your frustration! Your sweet and warm buzzing discontent! It's like a ten-thousand-year orgasm for my eyeballs! I will orchestrate an endless parade, a whirlwind, an infinite flood of announcements exactly like this one if only to draw out every last drop of your succulent ire. I LOVE YOU. Feed me more of your gape-mouthed critiques! Abuse me, great Abuser!   I will start working on next month's announcement immediately. 
  8. Bleak Outlook

    Concerning TrotskysRevenge aka Moo-Cows

    This is terribly sad news. My best wishes to his friends, family, and loved ones.
  9. Bleak Outlook

    Propaganda for NoR/LSF and CSN/MK

  10. Bleak Outlook

    Fark Erections

    This announcement has all the makings of a fairy tale: goats and a troll!
  11. Bleak Outlook

    Farkistan August Erection Results

    Congratulations to the winners, and "up-yours" to everyone else. I dream of the day when I can pee on your scorched, hollowed-out corpses. And your moms. Also, LOL at the last image.
  12. Is it just me, or are the mods all on the rag?

  13. Never gonna be able to get this out of my head! Stupid song keeps going... On and on and on and on! this song SUCKS! Congrats to the winners! EDIT: Also, the singing was terrible.
  14. Bleak Outlook

    Official disclosure

    Someone else from FARK please e-mail me and let me know WTH is going on? I can't access our forums. It's saying I've been banned.
  15. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    I love this thread! My list of beers to taste is getting crazy long. Looks like old Bleak may have another 3 month bender in his future! Maybe this time I'll remember to check my nation
  16. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    You mean that two of them are open? These are stock photos I found online. Best one I could find. :shrug: Am I missing something? Also, I just tried the blonde again while dead sober. Still awesome, but not quite the level of awesome that it was last night. Definitely notice the bitterness more when sober, but still has a nice toffee/coffee flavor. I love beer!
  17. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    Ok, so last night after reading the beer reviews I got thirsty. REAL thirsty. I present to you, my reviews! Fair warning, I was fairly buzzed towards the end.
  18. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    Oh this is b-e-a-utiful! Shan Revan: I've had Foster's several times. Believe me when I say you're not missing out on anything too special. I'd put it as a hair better than most of the American light beers. Maybe. Anyway, I found your angle of including their advertisements to be unique and interesting. Kind of makes me take a second look at the beers I drink! MCRABT: Newcastle is wonderful! Also, I must agree with the sentiment in this thread that the pictures of Grolsch make me thirsty! Nice review of some fine beers that I will now have to spend weeks and dollars trying to find in the states. I salute you both! O\ Hali?
  19. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    Yes, but you never said how he tasted??? I lol'd at your review, so I, for one, have no problem accepting in in lieu of an actual bacon review. If you're going to not do a report, this is the way to go about it! Also, fear the bacon-o-lantern!
  20. Bleak Outlook

    Announcement from the SuperFriends

    Awesome, simply awesome! I will drink to celebrate. Hali? O\
  21. Bleak Outlook

    Pour an ice cold IRON

    Matt Miller, you rock! From your list I've had Boddington's and Blue Moon. Boddington's is pretty good. It has a thick, full-bodied flavor that leaves you feeling full and a little buzzed. I like the little device that carbonates the can when opened. I've never managed to pop a Boddington's without it overflowing! Blue Moon is also a wonderful choice. The light citrus flavor of the beer really comes out when you add the orange slice. It's pleasant and relaxing. Oh yes we do! Shiner Bock is one of my favorites! I still need to make a trip down to the Spoetzl brewery in Shiner, TX to take the tour. Also, WTF is up with Bay? That was a light-hearted term meant to be fun and to give everyone an excuse to drink beer. "And just what do you think you're doing? We've got a lot of work to do around the house!!" "Sorry, sweetie, this is for the good of the alliance!" ***TSSSSSCHOK!*** (sound of beer opening)
  22. Bleak Outlook

    Inactivity, or bug?

    Greetings, A friend of mine was saving collections for his one-year anniversary. He attempted to log in this morning and it says his nation was deleted. He tells me that this morning (2/14/08) was supposed to be the 20th day of inactivity (not 21st), and has asked me to see what went wrong, as he is not registered on these forums. Can you please check Nation_ID=106418 and let me know: was he was over the time limit, or did something else go wrong? If he was not over the limit for inactivity, can his nation be restored? Thanks for your assistance!
  23. Bleak Outlook

    Inactivity, or bug?

    In this thread, Admin says: He says deleted after 20 days of inactivity, so the deletion would occur at the end of the 20th day. This guy put a year into building his nation and playing CN. He logged on at the start of the 20th day to find his nation gone. That seems to be too harsh of a punishment considering the vagueness of the policy. How about it? Can we have him restored and get the policy clarified please?
  24. Bleak Outlook

    Inactivity, or bug?

    Someone who logged in this morning showed the trade with my friend still active. I thought deletion takes place at the end of the 20th day, not the beginning?