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  1. I recently returned to CN after a very long absence (48 days) However, it insists I have a 54.75% blockade penalty on my tax collections, even though there is no record when the last war was I know I was ZI`ed during my absence
  2. Lemac

    Imperium Recognition of War

    I recall he said the same thing back in ole MCXA... ...he`s like a stuck record (for those who have no idea what this is, people just call it vinyl now )
  3. What a load of bull. Cowboys is just you and some minion, not some big Alliance Just say it: You were the one who threw his teddy out of the pram, then had a tantrum (so cut out this "we")
  4. Lemac

    Imperium Recognition of War

    Don`t copy Sephiroth`s views, as they are not your own: it just makes you his parrot (you imitate it, but do not understand it)
  5. Lemac

    Public Trial for Immortan Junka

    You must be talking about yourself, as any other happenstance is but your own deluded dream
  6. Lemac

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Diplomatic??   You don`t even know what that means, unless it is Gunboat Diplomacy.....
  7. Lemac

    The War on Brown Terrorism

    Funny how you act so innocent....you should read your own diatribes once in a while  (often so bloated, most people can`t be bothered to read them)   Pot, Kettle black?
  8. Lemac

    The Pen is impatient. Hear its cry

    Super-cooled water is not necessarily frozen....... :ehm:
  9. Lemac

    The Codex Imperium

    If you must make statements like this, maybe you should spellcheck them before posting  (to be...what??? :ehm:  )
  10. Lemac

    November Third Offensive

      You made me heir of the Alliance (SNX), so I invited Junka back  (I was always his supporter, anywayz)
  11. Lemac

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    Is that where you are going, Jrkee? :ehm:
  12. Lemac

    Introducing the Producerist Ideology

    He wasn`t part of the failure: that occurred long after he left
  13. Lemac

    NADC Announcement

    For those of you who use diplomatic channels, SNX forums are back up again
  14. Lemac

    NADC Announcement

    It`s true...I can verify that.
  15. Lemac

    New adventure

    bah, as the captain, SNX may be a sinking ship, with no forums again (and already had a merger-mail!!)