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  1. Waterana

    Imperial Decree - Red Sphere

    Sounds good to me o/
  2. Waterana

    War Declaration against New Pacific Order

    My nation is a tech farm too. Get your strongest guy out of peace mode, build him up a bit, and I'll be happy to nuke him into obivion take a hit for my alliance too.
  3. Waterana

    GATO Announcement

    Thank you GATO o/
  4. Waterana

    Declaration of reExistence

    Yay, the dirty vikings are back. Great news :)   Better go stock up on air freshener again :P
  5. Waterana

    The Ordinance of Rebirth

    Am very pleased to see this. o/ to both Orders
  6. I'm pleased to see this. Oceania are good people o/
  7. Waterana

    Final Valhalla Announcement

    An announcement that is sad but exciting at the same time. All the best you dirty vikings
  8. Waterana

    The People speak one last time...

    You couldn't have chosen a better new home to go to. All the best.
  9. Waterana

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Wrong button. Sorry.
  10. Waterana

    TOP-Polar War Propaganda Thread

    [quote name='masterbake' timestamp='1322342882' post='2852866'] [img]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt336/grubaker/GrubnTyga1.jpg[/img] [/quote] That is one scrawny looking Tiger. Seems STA need lots of cake and chocolate, stat. On a serious note, love that pic. Out of the whole thread it was the only one to make me crack up laughing.
  11. Waterana

    Valhalla Declaration

    Hang on, the new leader was decided with a contest of drinking and debauchery....and Jesper lost? How? Anyway, <3 CJ forever. Congrats and all the best Tronix. You have some huge, and rather smelly, shoes to fill.
  12. Waterana

    A Statement from Doomhouse

    The aid TOP is sending MK isn't being used for flowers and kittens. They might not be fighting us directly, but are certainly aiding and abetting the war effort against us.
  13. Waterana

    A Statement from Doomhouse

    [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1300443728' post='2668956'] 3 rounds of war = total destruction of Pacifica. Doomhouse: We're [i]that[/i] good. [/quote] You know as well as I do our nations will be swarmed by much bigger enemies and smashed. Yes, they would deal out their own fair share of damage to their attackers on the way down, but the end result isn't in question. It isn't really an issue anyway, so I'm going to stop arguing with you about it. I really can't see our govt agreeing to this, if they haven't already said no (I honestly don't know if they have or not).
  14. Waterana

    A Statement from Doomhouse

    If you don't want the total destruction of Pacifica, you won't insist on destroying the last of our alliance strength by trying to force us to feed our own people to you on a silver platter.
  15. Waterana

    A Statement from Doomhouse

    [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1300442376' post='2668943'] "i'm here for the community" > wont let upper tier nations fight three rounds of war in case they lose NS. [/quote] I said "my" community, which those nations are a part of. So yes, I do want them protected from DH's unwarranted aggression. They don't need to be destroyed in war to show their commitment to the alliance and their comrades. There are other ways they can do that, primarily after hostilities stop. The decision whether they fight or not isn't mine however as you've implied as I'm not NPO govt. Why is the total destruction of Pacifica so important to you lot? Do we really scare you that much?