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  1. Well I first joined back when the game started so I want to be very active been many years since was last here.
  2. From memory that was /b/ that posted the photos thankfully I was not on line. I think it was at the time Admin became a father.
  3. Hello I'm looking for a nice quiet alliance to join that I can get in a trade circle and do a bit of tech trading. Terry Howard
  4. Illuminati: 10.47 --> 10.72 (+0.23) wow 6 years ago already them where the days
  5. I do not see the point of them. If you cant make it on your own why do it. You dont need to fear attack if you make friends and have good communication skills.
  6. Well done Biff Webster You will do well im sure. Just goes to show that things change and with change comes better things. We hope.
  7. So much get said in threads like this its very had to see whats fact and whats fiction. People need to step back a little take a look at the facts they have to had and make there own minds up on the whole situation. forget what the person is like saying it look at the facts
  8. Mate you not going to win this war of words id just leave it. OOC i just dropped one and need to leave the room
  9. Yes i can confirm that this was along the line of events back then. Also Its not for me to say Is i deserve to be on GODs PZI and im there as plain as simple they have the means to keep me there. I side did alot of thing in my time on CN and everyone bangs on i have had 2 or 3 chances when thats tosh i have had the chance to surrender thats it we could not meet terms i was wiped out. The only alliance that I had any respect for was RoK and Fark from back then. Plain and simple i got what was coming as many before more and just as many after me. We are now over a year and half on and people
  10. No one cares what i say any way. when ever i post i get trolled and people only go over what went on over a year and a half ago. And yes im an idiot. My actions and mine alone saw the down fall of my alliance for my own means without a second thought for all the loyal members i had by my side. Yes Blader Public Safety indeed. the reason i got roled was no different for the reasons of the Karma war. I was just over a year to early is all.
  11. An idiot i may be but i know full well what Xiphosis does when he holds a grudge. To me the Illuminati war is very fresh in my mind and the fact im on GODs PZI is proof of that fact. They went to war in defence of NPO and even after going to war with NPO hold me to the PZI for past actions before the war. I know how he can turn words to make things look in his favor.
  12. Im going to self harm for saying this i know it. Xiphosis is one of the best leaders in CN (IMO) and if he wanted to push for Disband then this alliance did something to annoy him and his alliance no matter how big or small. Im no fan of Xiphosis or GOD for that matter however i have worked with most othe bigger members in my time and they would not just chuck it to the wind to do somthing like this and risk there alliance they have spent 3 years and at lest the same amount of name changes to build. Blacky for your sake and your alliance try and work things out as Xiphosis/GOD are not the k
  13. By some of your posts here i would say you have been here before. Join an alliance get your back side kicked in a war you knew nothing of and just enjoy your self
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