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  1. Jesus H Sausages on toast, I was hit by NPO in that war and I managed to get over it several years quicker than you
  2. @DeathAdder - Do you speak enough idiot to understand "Trigglypuff"? I stopped playing pokemon when I was a kid.
  3. Not being 12 and having the ability to communicate in more than meme's I have no idea what that reference was
  4. Imagine if you had the ability to shut up, the world would be such a nicer place But that's not the reality we live in, so you can wish for a ninja rogue army taking down NPO And we can wish for you to stop being the most annoying person in CN or for you to just go away We'll see what happens first
  5. Well no he's not I've been around since before GWII so calling people noob is just another part of your dainty little ego
  6. 1 Nation fighting you is 61 days old The others are all over 100 days, why do you keep calling everyone noobs
  7. Coming from someone with the most fragile ego on Bob, that's just laughable
  8. We know it's nothing new It was annoying then and it's annoying now, no one likes you, no one cares, you're just feeding your own sad little ego
  9. No one cares about you fighting back, people care about you whining constantly to get attention to feed your ego Also None of your targets are noobs,
  10. Tywin You're unaligned They can attack you and just claim "Tech Raid" if they want to, at least they're being clear about the reasons that you're going to get hit over and over and over again and why you deserve it
  11. You must spend most of your time talking to yourself
  12. I find the best way to be left alone by people, is to make a thread crying about how mean they are
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