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  1. Don't know about going to war over that, wouldn't a ban from channels be enough if you don't want to have stuff like that said in your channels about you and your friends? Don't agree with tech raids either but it's your alliance and your free to do as you wish.

    Ok, I've been misinterpreted. I attacked him for two reasons, a tech raid, and general dislike.

    The logs are merely an example of reasons for such dislike.

  2. What exactly did RV say to provoke this attack? He claims that's the reason for the attack. Not reason enough to violate a sovereign nation, although RV did violate the RLMMO AA by making claim to it, but that's beside the point...

    You guys claim it's just a tech raid. Raids are barely profitable, a noob would peace out and you'd have your little profit. RV will fight so in this case you will lose more than what you hoped to gain.


    It is a tech raid. If I get my daily dose of self-satisfaction knowing that I've anarchied someone who is far less than friendly to tF, then I'll sleep well.

    Also, it's logs like this that make me love RV so much:

    [04:35] <Rebel_Virginia> So, seems like Sorum's !@#$ty new alliance is doing exactly as I predicted.

    [04:35] <Rebel_Virginia> It has allied to Sparta and MHA.

    [04:36] <Rebel_Virginia> Effectively changing nothing.

    [04:36] <Rebel_Virginia> Since they still have that NS on their side.

    [04:36] <Rebel_Virginia> Its just divided further into little cliques.

    [04:36] <Rebel_Virginia> God I hate useless alliances.

    [04:36] <Rebel_Virginia> And people.

  3. I see, so you're one of those who likes to act tough, yet always fails to provide. Very well then, but I am terribly sorry to have to say this, however, I really don't care that much about you.

    Now, tell me, what does this is anyway have to do with the recently resolved situation between BTA and iFOK? Do you have any comments on the conclusion, or are you merely going to try and provoke a conflict between our respective alliances? If that is the case then I am going to have to politely ask you to refrain from doing so. It has no place here.

    I mean a conflict has just been averted and here you are trying to start another. I expected better from you.

    This isn't about BTA and MHA. this is about you and MHA. None of us like you, and I've no problem picking a fight with you. We don't care about BTA, we leave them alone, they leave us alone. But you RV, you create conflicts. So either follow up your insults with some action, or shut the hell up :rolleyes:

  4. Dump some of that infrastructure and tech and you should be in my range soon enough. When you do get around to doing that, feel free to attack me. I mean, why should I attack you? Just so I can get pummeled by your alliance? I feel no reason to do that unnecessary move, as it neither benefits myself, nor does it defend the honor and sovereignty of my alliance. Since you are the one who will not drop this issue, I can only assume that it means something to you to attack me. I must have upset you, no?

    Oh man, I was hoping you would man up and go through with it.

  5. Oh, that's perfectly fine with me. I don't like you either, and this might come as a surprise to you, but I am not here to make friends. Quite frankly I could care less you or your alliance thinks of myself or the BTA. We've done well enough without your well wishes.

    Now, could you please take your crying elsewhere. I come to a conclusion agreeable to everyone yet still you find a need to complain. I will hear no more of this nonsense. I am a very busy man you know.

    Tis a shame Sileath is out of your range, I would have like to see him shut you up.

    Also, still waiting for that tech raid you promised to declare on me ;)

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