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  1. Tech received from illegitimate nations is itself illegitimate, and should never have existed if everyone was being honest rule abiding citizens. If everyone could keep their tech because they can feign plausible deniability saying they paid for the tech then why delete tech farm multis at all? Anyone who receives tech from a multi is, even if unknowingly, a part of the wider machinations of that multi's activities.

    The hope now is that the tech revocations happen suddenly and without warning so the infringers will get a sudden shock to the system and learn to get tech from sources that can be trusted.

  2. I foresee some issues with this blanket effect of removing tech, What is stopping an nation from selling tech however sending it from a Multi nation, that nation then get deleted however the buyer who had no idea the person sending them tech was a multi now lose out on the tech they paid for? this will stop new nations from being able to sell tech as the the buyer will now run the risk of not only losing the tech they bought but the cash they paid for it.

    Then it would be in the best interests for alliances to be more selective which new nations they take into their tech systems and actually require some oversight in how they operate.

  3. So when we buy tech from the black market and pay with donations? We should be entitled to a refund since you're taking what we paid for.I personally have lost several donation collect 100 tech and that person gets deleted. Good rule as long as you practice what you preach.

    11. All donations made to Cyber Nations are non-refundable, no matter the reason. Once the transfer of ownership of the donation money has taken place, you are no longer entitled to the donated money. The donation bonus is final once it has been applied to a nation. If the bonus is lost in war, foreign aid, other in-game activities, or unforeseen events donation bonuses will not be refunded or reapplied to an account.

  4. In some cases yes an image, even a reaction gif could be a meaningful stand alone contribution to a discussion. However there are at least as many other cases where it would be contentless and fall into spam territory. The choice is really between having a clear boundary or an ambiguous one, and we feel it's better for everyone (ourselves and you all) that the line is well defined. If we make it too murky well intentioned players may receive warns unpredictably as a consequence of confusion on the part of the acting mod or the forum poster.

    Basically we're not really cut out to be artistic curators, and you probably don't want us wading into those waters.

    Hello there strangely robotic version of me! You should consider loosening up a little more, maybe getting a change of oil? Me and you could always go and have Neo Uruk oil us up for the Main Event!

  5. Too late, I have already submitted the four dozen pages of paperwork to the senior staff for review regarding the issue. Provided everything was stamped correctly, we should see a reckoning on TidyBowlMan in eleven to twelve business days. That said, the office is closed this Friday so it may take even longer.

    Wait, so TidyBowlMan has become a mod in the last 10 minutes?
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