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  1. On 2/6/2018 at 1:47 PM, Lady Red said:

     strangest Co-Op Excel Spreadsheet ever experienced.  



    I thought I got out, and then I got sucked back in.


    I don't care about the mega nations.  I don't care about tech buying and selling rates.  That isn't what made CN the "strangest Co-Op Excel Spreadsheet ever experienced.  It was the AAs.  As soon as they became stagnate, the game began to die.  


    If I believed there was some game mechanic fix, I would focus on 2 aspects. First, an NS cap of some kind (not for nations, but for AAs).  I haven't thought through it enough to think about the mechanics of it, but forcing AAs to juggle that would be interesting.  Second, I would focus on limitting the NS any particular AA could be aligned to, for much the same reasons.  


    Either way, meh.

  2. While I have never condoned pointless wars, I have much respect for the candidness of the announcement.  I find it refreshing, especially after seeing the stupid !@#$ from jerks in Umbrella, who would be respectable if they simply said they wanted war..  I have friends and acquaintances in both camps for this little war, so I really hope you all enjoy yourselves.



    o/GPA, sort of, D34th, at least.

  3. I read the first page and didn't care anymore.  This is typical AA stupidity.  The OBR made a tactical error, but Umb is still full of tools who have been around for years but act like they are 12-yr-old classless twits.  I would be happy if you all nuked yourselves into a delirious stupor.  Oh wait...

  4. 3 hours ago, Morphine said:

    In my defense- that second war with kindle I had to let him win so I can get back into range of him but he went to peace mode like a little girl. 


    Kindle runs his mouth, starts to turtle, loses all of his infrastructure, and then claims he won the war.  I wouldn't bother posting my defense.


    Or maybe that was just when he decided to try his hand with me.

  5. Heh, I remember when Kindle decided to attack me.  What a waste that guy is.  I still have him, and his AA, on my list.  I haven't really done any nation building in about 4 years, but when Kindle grows some big boy pants, I'll return the favor.


    EDIT: to clarify, I stomped his pathetic nation into the ground, while fighting 2 other nations, and not giving enough !@#$% to come fight every day (pretty sure I missed app. 1/2 of the updates)

  6. On 9/3/2017 at 6:17 PM, andyt2k said:



    Alliance is formed

    Idiot gets into alliance government

    Idiot ruins alliances PR

    Idiot gets kicked out of alliance

    Alliance allows idiot back in

    Idiot defies all logic and gets back into government

    Idiot runs alliance

    Idiot ruins alliance

    Idiot throws hissy fit when things don't go his way

    Community laughs


    Did I miss anything?


    This is the only relevant point in this whole discussion.

  7. 1 hour ago, Neo Uruk said:

    and here we go back to the point that far greater alliances have attacked tywin and not forced him to abdicate


    Abdicate or not, watching Junka take it in the face is fun.  The funny thing, is that he keeps opening his mouth for it.  Most people would try to duck or dodge, but I think Junka likes the taste of it, taking it the face, that is.


    These other guys realize what you are saying.  Junka always thinks he is winning.  That's why they are hitting him.  They honestly haven't hit him that hard, but he sure as hell hasn't hit back.  But he is winning?  


    You would think that as much as his mouth is open while he is taking it in the face, it would fill up with something that might make him have to stop for a breath.  Maybe he is just quick at swallowing it.


    In other words, 44 pages in, all I have gotten out of this whole thing is that Junka likes to take it in the face with his mouth open and he is really good at swallowing.  


    Maybe he needs to seek another line of work - while he doesn't have the skills to be a leader, I'm sure his skills would get him places in other endeavors.

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