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  1. The MP wonder issue was addressed in the Report A Bug section of the forums. The buyer of the MP was refunded and the damage from the 2 nukes that were launched were reversed. Also the bug that allowed the invalid MP to be purchased was fixed.
  2. There was a bug in the wonders purchase code that I've fixed. I've reversed the 1 MP purchase that was made in the game and reversed the two nuke launches that were made. Also, the requirements for the MP are "requires the Scientific Development Center and the Pentagon wonder", it does not require the great university.
  3. The bug has been corrected.
  4. Round 52 has started. I went with a few tweaks to the usual settings and added prerequisites to the Manhattan Project wonder. Next round will likely see more changes including more wonders and tweaks to the awards.
  5. Round 52 will start on Monday December 16th around mid-morning. If you have suggestions for tweaks to the game since last round post them here.
  6. Round 51 will start on Friday September 20th.
  7. Sorry for the trouble yesterday. The issue has been addressed.
  8. Round 50 will start this Friday June 21st. Round 49 winners will be announced at that time.
  9. Tournament Edition Round 49 will start this coming Friday, mid-morning. I will announce the round 48 winners at that time.
  10. noreply@cybernations.net


    to me

    Your nation Kingdom of Lucis ruled by Noctis Lucis Caelum has been deleted from Cyber Nations for the reason of: You have violated the Cyber Nations Terms & Conditions by using more than one nation. Multiple accounts by the same user are not allowed in this game, as you know and agreed to respect when you signed up to play. Please create only one nation per user next time, or you will find yourself banned from the game.

    I have 0 warn points as well & no reason given. I never had multis and definitely only had one nation now.


    If CN tells people they can make another nation, only to ban it for no reason; that is really messed up imo.

    Also if i'm not unbanned, this will serve as an example anyone can be banned for no reason with no reason given. Making building up any kind of nation by investing time pointless, as well as making any donations a complete waste of money when bans are handed out on whims for no reason.


    Mods doing stuff like this will kill the game. Pointless to spend time making a nation or donating if nations can be banned for reason suddenly, at the whims of mods who are either corrupt or have no idea what they're doing.

    I hope my nation is restored asap & the mods stop trying to actively kill the game as fast they can...

    1. Ethereum


      Also I feel wrong in the time I wasted making a nation, only to have it deleted for no reason after being told I could.


      If my nation isn't restored asap & mods can ban people on whims due to personal feelings without giving a reason or rules broken; investing any time in this game is pointless. Without them even pretending not be biased, nobody will want to play.

  11. CYBERNATIONS is rigged and is dumb I got banned for no reason and same on tournament version you site sucks

  12. Why was my acc deleted? The message i received  thru e-mail stated i had multi accounts. That's a lie. I have just one so you and your team just deleted my nation for nothing.Thanks a lot fr not even giving me the courtesy of defending myself under false accusations. I have no intention of restarting my account since you and your stupid !@#$@#$ team have no respect for your members. The very least you could of done was notify and ask me about it but I guess that would have be too much to ask. Good riddance to you and your team of inconsiderate idiots.

    1. Captian


      I know right that happened to me

  13. hmmm, you know i was greatly disappointing when planet gamming suddenly vanished. (well not that much sense the only game I ever played was cyber citzen and tour of generals which in my opinion was slightly more realistic compared to cn,down side you don't need to wait around for your opponent  to attack however unlike cn there is an clear winner. )



    Speaking of which are the mighty admin ever going to implement a winning macanic? ps it would simply rock if i could control my men movements in game other then simply playing by chance and numbers.


    legibly asking questions. :P

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