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  1. The chart has been fixed.
  2. This missing nuke has been found and placed back into your arsenal.
  3. Mods don't provide explanations for their actions other than to those whom action was taken against. Closing topic.
  4. Check your events and team proposals.
  5. CN:TE Round 53 will begin on Friday 4/24. The winners of Round 52 will be announced on that date.
  6. Stats file looks good here, glad you found a solution.
  7. Try the spy operation again, should be fixed now.
  8. Issue was with the nightly reset routine which did not run. Players that did not purchased their full allotment of nukes the previous day were still able to purchase up to the previous day's limit. I adjusted the scripts to a more reliable procedure and have been keeping a close eye on this. Apologies for the issue, looks like things are running smoothly now, closing.
  9. The MP wonder issue was addressed in the Report A Bug section of the forums. The buyer of the MP was refunded and the damage from the 2 nukes that were launched were reversed. Also the bug that allowed the invalid MP to be purchased was fixed.
  10. There was a bug in the wonders purchase code that I've fixed. I've reversed the 1 MP purchase that was made in the game and reversed the two nuke launches that were made. Also, the requirements for the MP are "requires the Scientific Development Center and the Pentagon wonder", it does not require the great university.
  11. The bug has been corrected.
  12. Round 52 has started. I went with a few tweaks to the usual settings and added prerequisites to the Manhattan Project wonder. Next round will likely see more changes including more wonders and tweaks to the awards.
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