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  2. thanks how do i earn more money in order to sell 100 tech. Im trying to earn money through tech-selling but i dont have enough money to buy 100 tech. also i accidentally posted twice
  3. i have lead but im not exactly sure how trade circles work
  4. Why did you post this twice? Anyway: people don't want 24 tech shipments because, if they're using their slots at all, they want to do it efficiently, which is done by receiving 100 tech levels at a time. You can probably easily get offers for 6,000,000 for 100 tech levels and receive the money beforehand. Almost nobody will waste a slot for 24 tech levels.
  5. Seljuk Sultanate Comment if interested
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  7. Hi All, My nation is young, and really needs to trade. Nation: NAtlanticArchipelago Team: Maroon Resources offered: WATER, FISH Resources wanted: GEMSTONES, GOLD, SILVER, SPICES, SUGAR, RUBBER, WHEAT and WINE.
  8. GK verily has no sense* of mercy, and for that I love him See you around the (310) duder *(sic). Please God let there be some, any, who remember this construction.
  9. GK is a savage beast, A MAN WITH NO MORALS, A MAN WHOSE SOLE PLEASURE IN LIFE IS BRINGING PAIN UPON THE INNOCENT he did well... enjoy retirement bro!
  10. They say General Kanabis is yielding his power and stepping away Is that true? I wasn't aware that was something a person could do I'm perplexed Are they gonna keep on replacing whoever's in charge? If so, who's next? There's nobody else in their country who looms quite as large… Johnny Apocalypse? I know him That can't be That's that little guy who spoke to me All those years ago What was it, eighty-five? That poor man, they're gonna eat him alive! Oceans rise Empires fall Next to Kanabis, they all look small All alone Watch them run They will tear each other into pieces Jesus Christ, this will be fun! Da da da dat da dat da da da dai ya da Da da da dat dat dai ya daaaaahahahahaha! "King Cobra" Johnny Apocalypse Good luck!
  11. I didn't dislike you GK even if we had our heated moments, and I like and respect that you have a big pair of stones. Hope you do well in all your future endeavors! Enjoy retirement! Congrats to Johnny, who I believe will do well!
  12. On the one hand I envy the peace in the nether realm you will soon find. On the other hand I've been asleep for years, so it's time to get real weird with it.
  13. GK, We have had our differences but it will definitely be weird to not see you leading COBRA. Enjoy your retirement. - Smitty of the House Stark
  14. GK, You've served Cobra well. It'll be strange seeing them led by anyone else. The Cobra name has in my mind become synonymous with GK. We've been adversaries for years, but you always put in the effort to made it entertaining and for that I thank you. Enjoy your break from leadership. Your friend, Joseph M. Black
  15. It's been 3 years since @Lucius Optimus left me with this tiresome burden. I often wondered what the point of it all was and eventually discovered that the people I met along the way made it worth it. I hate and love all of you equally. 🎭 January 13th, 2016 - TBD, 2019 Order of Business; Upon concluding military operations in the ongoing War against RFI & LoSS (Korlath's War > sNeK eYeZ wAr) I will be stepping down in my capacity as King or whatever- *burps. @Jack Layton appeared to me in a peyote induced vision and spoke the name of my successor, @Johnny Apocalypse Mr. Apocalypse himself. A good choice, you know, given the times we live in. As for me, well- "but if there's nothing shakin' come this here July, I'm gonna roll myself up in a big ball and die"
  16. Last week
  17. I'm neutral about this, except that I 100% agree. Currently nothing beats JA's posts, though. Schatt is long gone, unfortunately (but fortunately for him: this world - and I'm vague on purpose - doesn't deserve him anymore). See above: you're doing a stellar work IMHO.
  18. True and unlike Lugosi he is alive and remains at large.
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