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    3,078 (20 nation drop) 148 Nations created in the past 10 days (no change from my last update)
  3. Looks like we are hitting NLON. Al
  4. You have a point but this would likely make a more fertile ground for coups and such. I would not expect ancient alliances to fracture completely, rather- the treaty web might become a bit more disentangled in favor of personal grievances and former rivalries. Everyone talks about the good old days... some of us are still adamant about enjoying the game in it's current state, why not recycle some of that drama?
  5. i took my viagra and did my best ….. o/
  6. Last week
  7. I king Bobby here by surrender to the knight table
  8. Sunday last day of attacks Salute to Cowboy ... we showed them how to fight our geriatric medicine worked This war is more destructive than 255 of 255 existing wars.
  9. We are. However, Use either of the two available means of filing reports in future instead of standing on a box and shouting to the public to make a scene please.
  10. Even with the reduction of the playerbase right now, I find this pointless. AAs come and go regardless of size. AAs create spheres networking/rejecting other spheres, that size is macro-micro dynamically altered. A limitation would have no effect by the same group only splitting up and still being a part of a larger, albeit additional, subject among them.
  11. I dont see kevin updating anything. I dont kno why hes giving up on his longtime cash cow, but he did. Perhaps he hasnt updated because he doesn't see a reason as the core issues with this game are still here. Idea He could wipe out everyone's tech... Completely reset tech in every single nation... Then make tech something you have to build rather than something u outright buy. Also during war... Increase tech destruction, reduce infra destruction, and increase the cap on how much money can be destroyed/stolen. For starters...
  12. Real? We are currently having a discussion about a fictitious game where one group is mad at the other group for affecting a number on their spreadsheets.
  13. Let's be real, buddy, you don't have a spare. As for banning or restricting tech deals... not necessary, given the size disparity. Used to be the regular thing to do though
  14. I have always believed that cutting off your enemies trade is the smart thing to do. All's fair in love and war!
  15. When you get dragged out of retirement to do a dow... DEFCON 1 declares on the combines forces of Digital Combat Soldiers, Ordo Paradoxia and Nefarious. There is a signicant difference in the stats so if you have under 50 million and you want peace early, offer peace to your D1 opponents and it'll be accepted. o/
  16. The National Coalition of Sovereign Nations is a new alliance seeking nations who want to strive and work in cooperation. Some areas will be open to non-members in order to work in derect cooperation with nations who join. In an area of the forum is a place for nations to look for trade deals and be more specific in looking for a good trade partner. When you list your nation in need of a trade you put Nation Name: Leader: Nation # URL: Resources: Resources you are looking for and if you are specifically looking for a nation of the same team color to receive a bonus. Hopefully many nations/ alliances will participate and it will be another easy place to find the best trade partner. "Remember only submit and if you happen to see a trade partner that has the resources for your nation. Eaither message them or submit your offer to that nation. "Do not respond to keep trade agreements confidential." https://ncosn.freeforums.net/board/7/world-trade-data-base
  17. Earlier
  18. Well thank you for the reply. So who responds to the bugs section then??
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