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  2. We rebuilt NG with a new image, but anything we do is wrong I guess. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  3. I find myself dizzy after reading this much spin. Consider joining NPO, you would be an outstanding fit.
  4. Btw, you have been around long enough to know better. Check your facts. History will prove you wrong many, many times and before you b*tch about TIE, you can thank Lucius for slapping you with that; not getting the results you wanted... I know it bothered you, destroying your very reputation in vain heh. Must be damn painful. Look at you all now. Couldn't get a reason good enough and your obsession/desperation led you declare the most shameful and coward war the world have seen in a while. Cobra's cb may have been weak, but the war was brave. This? This has no cb at all and it was coward and w
  5. Today
  6. Bold words for a dead man walking, perhaps you should dm me, I'll gladly disclose how we are handling the situation, I'm sure you'll keep it to yourself. Not. You are by far the most despicable character in planet Bob I've dealt with, coming around so nice and likeable pretending to seek friendship only to stab people in the back when they open up to you. Don't lecture me on cowardice, you and your bunch just displayed a huge amount of it already. You have no honor or moral ground to even speak out loud. Start over, get a new name or something. Yours is stained forever.
  7. I'd describe it more as a diving board.
  8. No, I don't. You were in SRA, ergo a micro. You've been on the KoRT AA for 60 days, no one cares about you. Besides, KoRT has 15 offensive wars, that's pathetic and below even a micro level.
  9. I was in Poison Clan back in 2008 when your nation was still in diapers.
  10. I think you might wind up unpleasantly surprised to know what I know.
  11. *embarrass TDE, it is almost impressive how annoying you managed to be when we were discussing your rogue actions against Cobra. I assumed it was intentional, some kind of mental game you were playing. Like, you looked at this game and said, I can roleplay as a complete knob! Yay! Now I realize this is your personality. You are just, you. This is you. Oof.
  12. I was in KORT when they were still new JA but you wouldn't know that.
  13. Flying the flag of Camelot doesn't make you a Knight. How are your sleeper agents in "The Crimson Army" doing by the way?
  14. You must have me confused with someone else. Please try not to embarrasse yourself on my account. I'm in KORT and do not really think of them as a micro but I guess to each their own eh?
  15. That's... not how any of this works lmao. Bro, keep your story straight. I don't run NG, I don't make any decisions, I just manage the community and keep things together. "Even-Keeled" Stewie makes all the calls now.
  16. You're doing that thing again where you're just describing yourself.
  17. Of course, it benefits you. You'd sell your soul to a toaster if it benefited you. No compassion or empathy, typical narcissist. Those poor souls followed you off a cliff- rather than rekindle some honor and dignity and save them, your pride is much more important.
  18. Absolutely no one cares about your trash micro. Go back and crawl in Ben's lap where you belong. He looks sad and lonely these days.
  19. Cobra is at war cause they chose to be at war leaving themselves vulnerable to other attacks. It's ironic you talk about cowardly attacks but I remember you swarming on me with cobra. Would Cobra not be able to handle one nation by themselves? So my question kap is why are you not so eagered to jump at the chance to defending Cobra now? Who is being a coward now? I would most certainly like to see you actually jump to defend your allies when they actually need it for once. It seems you and your allies won't jump in unless you have the advantage...
  20. Poor little Ben can't even keep his stories straight anymore. Sad days. As for narcissistic? Me? Do you actually think a narcissist could pull together and keep together the community of old school crew that I have? Get the $%&@ out lol. You wish you were me And the best part? I can bring in people without promising illegal manhwa to turn them into my eternal tech farm.
  21. How can you compare this? You brought that on yourself, LH. Not long before the war I told you none of us wanted a war with KNB and that some people on our end still considered you a friend. I told you to drop it with the antagonizing or you would end up giving Cobra a cb. You did exactly the opposite and ordered an attack on Ordo and well, Ordo called in their allies. You f*cked up, end of the story, so don't compare it. Everyone here is trying to figure out the reason of this war other than the most cowardly move seen in a long time, like, really? Cobra was at war al
  22. Ben, I am really sorry that your time in CN has come to this, this desperate loneliness. I am sure if you keep trying so hard you will make a friend. Just keep your chin up, it will be okay, every little pot has a lid somewhere.
  23. A slightly more honest translation.
  24. I mean. You are sounding a bit strained mate. Take a break from bob for a bit
  25. I awaited patiently amongst 8 pages and 3 times my name was mentioned- wouldn't call my presence here 'desperate'. I've seen the ISXs of the world come-and-go and long before your existence. All of that hard work you've put into babying your membership will be burned down in a week. boo hoo
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