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  3. We are a patient people, though the Will of God should not be tested!
  4. Josephy Kony, the commander of the Lord's Resistance Army, approaches the podium to issue his prepared speech: "The Congo is now ready to step on to the world stage, and provide its bountiful Marble and Water to its neighbors. On this world stage, we are aware that there are those who have too long profited off the exploitation of poor nations like The Congo. Too long have you all lived in this fat land and preyed upon those who could not defend themselves. No longer. The Congo hereby requests admission into the Free Alliances, and with our abundant natural resources and the Will of God we will restore balance to the world. Let us even the playing field together."
  5. Pretty sure it's right after the quiet of Ash Wednesday Nothing sets you up for V-D like a good peace of Ash
  6. I am most pleased to see this broadcast having escalated in this fashion! Good job to everyone involved for participating on the world stage! Now, before the thread dies because of a gag order or general apathy somewhere I'd like to highlight some unanswered questions fielded by Tankobite lest they get lost in the top notch mudslinging going on:
  7. Already, we have dispatched our ambassadors to the following lands to ensure the wealth of The Congo. We expect our delegations to be treated with respect, and to be acknowledged within a week of arrival. PresidentProTempore Inferno9 Ballpit Salazarstan Weedland Please allow us to establish an embassy and trade relations. It will benefit both our nations.
  8. Hello, You have recently heard of the coup in Kinshasa. The Lord's Resistance Army has successfully established control of The Congo, and we are now making our bountiful water and marble available to all red nations. Please send the following in exchange: Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Water Wheat We seek peaceful trades, though my people demand these resources. Violence is not an option we like to consider, though nations must possess the right to employ in by the Will of God if needed.
  9. The Lord's Resistance army has successfully taken control of the capital, Kinshasa, and we are now the ruling authority of The Congo. To this end, we are seeking to defend and control all of OUR natural resources to OUR benefit and pursue our best interests. We have established ourselves in the RED trading sphere, and seek new trade partners. We humbly offer vast quantities of marble and water in exchange for the following: Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Iron Lumber Pigs Spices Sugar Wheat Without these resources we cannot grow. We are peacefully seeking trades, though my people demand fish among other resources. And who are you to deny them? Please add to this discussion if you are interested in trading with the bountiful Congo.
  10. welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! few years ago the whole game treatied itself and that was all she wrote.
  11. wars where nobody really knows what they're doing are the most fun wars.
  12. Also CNRP is dead, what is left is a collection of fossilized posts from several years ago. It would be cool if we could reboot that aspect of the game and get it going again.
  13. Last week
  14. Yeah.. sorry. The great poet Dylan Thomas said it best.
  15. My assessment of your alliance isn't based on some Freudian defense mechanism. Far from it. This is a clear case of pluralistic ignorance. But keep believing your associates when they tell you those are some mighty fine threads you've procured from NPO
  16. I don't feel antagonized. It was NPO being attacked not FTW. Not that I think they 'feel' antagonized either. However the attempts to antagonize are still ill-advised, I think, if NG wants peace. Maybe NPO will give peace anyway but I don't see much reason for them to. Being diplomatic and humble is your best play and without demanding any conditions be met first. This is friendly advice, take it or leave it, I don't care. I am happy either way. You're right if FTW had peaced when we changed our flag NPO would've stayed in. NPO has their own grievances with NG. I am aware NPO is your big problem, never said otherwise. You project a lot of ego onto me. You act as if I think and say FTW is the greatest when I do not. Bitter indeed, from your end. Ego. Projecting Ego. K. I don't care. You are again projecting ego.
  17. We have re-built our colony! The country has flourished and with the abundance brought forth by our many skilled workers we have greatly improved upon our infrastructure! A great day for Dragonisia!
  18. I have a few questions. The following questions will be based on the assumption that NG's eradication is not a sine qua non for peace.: 1. Is the disbandment of NG the official endstate of this war? If not, what is the end state and is it possible for NG to demonstrate it in empirical ways beyond "change" and "growth?" 2. Considering NG thought that their attempts to negotiate a surrender were thrown out of hand and the tone of the DoW treating them as rogues, I'm not sure any sort of behavioral change in the sense of being nice to you can be expected--they'll never not despise you, would keeping off OWF and mocking people be a step towards growth? But what other behaviors do you desire changed? Presumably they won't attempt the behavior elucidated in the following question in order to avoid another coalition war in the future, so this seems like a situation that would be resolved by a negotiation where they acknowledge this and promise to refrain from doing it again. 3. One of the casus belli was poaching of alliance members* and other issues were Caustic's attempts to get funding, I understand as well. What evidence can NG give besides an acknowledgement of this and a promise not to do so in the future that would be sufficient for a start in peace negotiations? Now my other questions. As far as I recall, the DoW stated that they were to be treated as rogues and never said anything about what would be sufficient supplication for peace talks, other than the implied removal of Caustic from leadership and disbandment of NG. 1. Thus, if the elimination of NG is the ultimate goal, does this apply to its players as well? 2. If not, how can any alliances be sure that if they take in members from NG they will not eventually be a target due to fears of these new members' agitation? *OOC: I'd like to just say, I don't find this a particularly compelling casus belli, considering this is a game people are playing with free association and what not, if people are so easily swayed away from an alliance, maybe it isn't a good fit and their departure is better for keeping them interested in the game. But that's just my own opinion.
  19. What should it matter what we say on the OWF? Who's reading it? Sure, we are, and that's why you see lots of posts from us. But that's because we contribute the community, while the rest of you would rather just sit around doing nothing. We're still interested in seeing this [ooc] game [/ooc] survive. And you know damn well we ain't suing for peace with FtW. You'll just follow suit if and when peace happens with Oc. If you want to stay at war if Oc peaces out, I'm sure we can arrange that.
  20. If you feel antagonized, it may have more to do with the lack of respect we have for you- and for once, this isn't me trolling. Several members of prominent alliances have echoed our grievances with FtW, which are much more legitimate than you'd care to believe. If you refuse to see change that's only because you're forcing yourself to consider our war with you separate to the NPO assault, when we both know they are one and the same, at least as far as your safety is concerned. Should NPO withdraw, FtW would follow suit. Not, I think, the other way around. Our attitude towards Oc has definitely changed but the change is ongoing given that we are, after all, engaged in a long bitter war against them. Your flag edit was an opening with which to proceed and begin a mutual descent of aggressions while still keeping our dignity and culture (which is very much a troll culture), but you prefer a groveling surrender, and that I'm afraid, is out of the question for you and you alone. Perhaps given enough time, Oculus can achieve this (possibly even earn it) and you may then piggy back off their success as usual, but don't expect us to demonstrate deference to you specifically, when there is none there to give.
  21. I mean that's kinda the point. NG is continuing on as it always has. That and it's just not a good idea in general when suing for peace to continue to antagonize. 🤣
  22. Everyone who has participated in the watering down of our game (because despite Admin's generosity, it's still ours) should feel bad about themselves as Jerdge has already mentioned, and with good reason. Must be exhausting to keep up with it all and I've been advocating against it since I first came here, fighting against it even. But Jerdge is also right in stating it doesn't exactly have one unique source of origin. Sure, I can sit here and point at CLAWS/Doom and aNiMaLz/FtW, or NPO in general, but why point that far? I know there are/were cases nearer home than I'd care to admit, even though I've always been against it myself. Rogue > Multi This thread is doing what it was meant to do, regardless of whether or not Joe Black feels intellectually challenged.. And that is- to generate discourse
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