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  2. Round 50 will start this Friday June 21st. Round 49 winners will be announced at that time.
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  4. Did you vomit in your mouth a little when you posted that? Oh, I get it. How big is your epeen? No wait, don't tell me, I'll guess. 4
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  6. So you acknowledge your AA is part of the problem, but won't initiate any community effort because you wish to maintain the very security that is causing stagnation. You also claim that new alliances don't have the clout to have a forceful enough impact. You can't call for 'community effort' if you expect others to do it for you and you aren't going to at least try and lead a charge. You are the dog in the house that is on fire saying "This is fine"
  7. Since nobody want to buy donation, I close for now. And start selling tech XD. If you need donation, kindly pm me in game. I will bump this post from time to time.
  8. No question we're part of the problem. Our political connections have been established to maintain security. And we dont engage in any kind of political roleplay that would delve deeper or pose unnecessary risk to the global peace. Collectively new alliance arent viable as a means of shifting culture or discourses. I'm not leaving my alliance and neither is anyone else that has established connections and community. Without growth in the community there is only decay. And with most alliances either completely inactive or socially removed from the world thats all that is left.
  9. And what effort would that entail? As far as the game's statistics and treaty webs go, your very alliance is part of the 95/5 problem, is it not?
  10. No, see he modified it for added humou- ah forget it.
  11. I'm should be due too next month. Can I give 9 rounds of money only?
  12. Pm your offer or reply here.
  13. I have 2 inactive members in my trade circle, so I have marble and uranium. But need trees, cows, water, or iron. If you have any of these and need a trade please hit me up.
  14. and faking quotes, proves how much of a limp dick you are.
  15. Settle down puppy dog, PM rants are older and more lame than even GUARD.
  16. Browser game popularity was initially marketed on a different foundation I think. We're talking about the era of top vote websites but now marketing is based mostly around algorithms, or chance based on how much you'll pay for a percentage opportunity to get an ad viewed, and even then you are only hoping the person is not only interested but has the time and will power to do so. On Google Play however it is easy to brand something retro so if the staff and some donors got together to put up some pixel/light graphics and have the nation stats and alliance affiliations linked or transferred to the app system and put on Play then you have something to brand as both text based and retro with some graphics to back it up. People love retro, it is it's own brand. Guaranteed 4 stars at least and I don't think you would need a reset at all. Just back it up when ready and transfer it over (nation/AA stats I mean but I'm not a Dev so idk) The whole retro brand app theme brought Choose Your Own Adventure games back from the dead of the 80s for example. They're on gPlay right now. If you can't do better than that with a history like this then ... Well you know.
  17. I can ask my partners about offering you the Green realm.I like scarlet but I don't think I can offer red.
  18. well im really not looking to leave the red sphere.
  19. Hello Monsignor, Myles, The King. Should I interest you in leaving your present accommodation? The following Blue Trade Circle is needing coal, rubber, fish, and wheat. We have one spot and one person needing replace. Awaiting your reply.
  20. Now another person has gone inactive so I need another 6 resources! Im in need of the following.( Im a tech trading nation so you don't have to worry about instability...always looking so a long term trade partner). MY economy is going haywire so I need these trade deals in by yesterday. -iron -lumber -Lead -Fish -Gold -Silver.
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