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  3. I was phasing out of activity around 2011-2012 but the name still rings a distant bell
  4. If you weren't around in 2011 you'll have no clue what im talking about lol
  5. LOOOL, wow... finally coming clean, eh? I'll admit I didn't see that one coming. Maybe you're not as predictable as I thought. That or I misunderstood what you meant.
  6. I could go for a beer right now. Anyways, congrats.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The only way to win this war is by going into peacemode [ooc]and playing another game[/ooc].
  9. That's who I was thinking of! Thank you for clarifying, that would have rattled around in my head otherwise.
  10. That would be Bob Janova. but- o/ and all to micros being micros
  11. did you seriously just plagiarize the flyin' Hawaiian? jfc
  12. Just throwing out a handful of seeds, these pigeons jump on anything.
  13. No that's alright. I got the idea of what the treaty was about, I just wanted to make light of the beer reference.
  14. Howdy. The CCC meets all of the above criteria. Our dumpster fires burn dimly, but the we've enjoyed a renaissance of activity since last year's war. I guess quarantine and lockdowns are good for Nation Sim business! Feel free to visit our discord.
  15. Old feller here looking to here some pitches on whoever is still kicking on planet Bob, prefer one that has a trade circle and feeds tech, isn't a complete dumpster fire
  16. Our goal was to provide micros (of this day and age) a way to leverage protection together as once the rat gets chased off by the snake, he tends to pester some of us. Bigger alliances usually don't have to worry about it, though he seems determined to piss the big boys off too. We assumed Fark was a little too big to need this kind of agreement.
  17. This is the proof you have serious mental problems. @Lord Hitchcockyou need mandatory health treatment. Is coming.
  18. The emergence of a stable micro-brewery offering product untainted with toxic swill can only be good news for the free-market. This will surely facilitate the potential for true growth for any connosieurs who seek to brew their own hops. Think of it more as an opportunity to widen your selection of imported micro-brewery beverages (and great export potential for top-of-the-line Farkistan products) from a stable and united marketplace! Why does the name Bob Illyani ring a bell? Was that a Gramlin? Oh and MK have ascended into space, never to re
  19. Good for you? It's a bit nonsensical to state, in response to my post about Terry Howard (that neither followed your drivel nor was in response to it), that this isn't about Terry Howard... in a thread created by Terry Howard for Terry Howard. Boy, get out.
  20. Thank you both from saving me from suffering through that post. It is much appreciated.
  21. I'm using this thread as a pretext to make a statement which I believe some new players might find useful.
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