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  2. Tech Decay, however the topic of super nations has been quiet for a while. What else? Transfer limits aren't a major issue with this, because this solves for the very top. The Second least discussed yet most meaningful Suggestion (I am clearly apologetic to reiterate):
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  4. After a round break, Alpha Wolves are Back and ready for some action... Alpha Wolves declare on Digital Combat Soldiers & Ordo Paradoxia Alliance Name Total Active Strength Average Score Anarchy Stuff to Destroy Tech Big Ass Missiles 4) Alpha Wolves 13 9 220,138 16,934 40.17 0 39,277 5,625 58 5) Digital Combat Soldiers 8 7 91,733 11,467 23.41 0 17,637 1,980 0 6) Ordo Paradoxia 7 6 101,563 14,509 21.06 0 20,501 2,351 8
  5. The only thing that would bring this game back and attract new players is to package it into an app, add some cheap graphics and an alliance chat box. If cn doesnt go mobile and stays in a browser only then it will continue to die. Browser based games went out of style years ago and replaced by mobile platform. I'm only.back to reconnect with a few people and try to pull them into much better mobile games.
  6. @ButtonyMeteor53, answer the question.
  7. The game is already brutally out of balance. Hello high tier. The only solutions for Planet Bob as is outside of a steady decline are for a reset to attempt to restart altogether or some content and platform updates which are apparently not up for consideration by admin at all. The last content update was over three years ago.
  8. I was never involved in the FTW-COBRA conflict, I have no nukes, no navy and he promise not to get involved in the ongoing conflict
  9. Why accelerate anything? The player base as you put it... Is gone. Whats left... Ghost town. If wiping this server is too much for people to bear... Make a new server, and start over. Maybe kevin would want to add a few things to it... I stopped donations a while ago, but if we were starting from scratch... Something to work towards.... Id be inclined to donate again. Those that stay in the current server... Can dream of a day that everyone comes back or something... While me and mine, are carving a new path.
  10. The games already dead... This would allow new players to take root. I would love to restart... Alot of people i kno are wanting this to happen. Why hold on to a corpse? What do u gain by slowly watching this place die? When u can have resurrection?
  11. Moving to gameplay discussions, Alliance Announcements is for in character inter alliance discourse. That said, I have mixed feelings when it comes to creating new servers. I think a major downside it presents is that it fractures the player base. If our operating theory is that many people would be off put by a full reset (due to years of invested time), creating a new server that siphons off younger active players would only seem to accelerate problems as it further weakens the replacement rate on the original server, while the new server remains under adopted. I think the idea of accelerating the pace of play with multiple updates a day (12:00 and 24:00 for instance) holds some potential, but I suspect up scaling every aspect of the game (10x like you say) would be challenging to implement and open up the game to major imbalances if not carefully designed.
  12. Sounds like a great idea in theory, but people tend to dislike it when you take away their things. That said, please tell us more. Would we put limiters on the new server, leave it as is, maybe x10 everything?
  13. This idea has been floated for years, has always met the same response and, well, it's too damn late now anyways.
  14. That would for sure kill the game. You gotta figure a minimum of 80% of people would walk away from it after putting in years of work and money just to have their progress reset.
  15. Reset the server... Start over from scratch. Your welcome
  16. Last week
  17. You would be doing better to be selling 100 tech for 6 Million.
  18. I guess this is cheap compared to other prices
  19. Oh wow! Thanks for the explanation and taking the time to look into it, at least I'm not going crazy. Kind of a bummer not knowing if the tech seller is legitimate or not I guess.
  20. I am super strong leadership. Leadership like a hurricane bruh
  21. A glance into the logs shows that 5900 tech was removed from your nation as part of our latest multi-tech scrub following the recent removal of a large multi-ring.
  22. Over the past few weeks I have been pretty busy with work, so I've just been somewhat mindlessly logging into my nation to keep tech deals going, collect when I need to, etc. Today I logged in and realized my NS was a bit lower than I remembered it being. Looking at the chart for nation strength history, from 4/5 to 4/6, my nation dropped 29,500 NS. The interesting thing is that I am not sure why. Nothing has really changed, no events or wonders expiring, no buy/sell of anything (including military) beyond receiving tech, or anything else I can think of that would adjust NS like that. Unfortunately I wasn't keeping close track of my tech or land amounts so I am not sure if either of those changed (they shouldn't have as I didn't sell anything). Fairly certain infra levels did not change. Was there a game mechanic change in NS determination?
  23. For an important seaworthy announcement! The Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes hereby announce the party of the century! tl;dr? SLCB MDoAP w/ Superfriends /s everyone important
  24. His leadership is as strong as the wind blows. Damn you Gibsonation, that alliance of 1 is , well, uuummm, yeah, that.
  25. Gibs, He’s the definition of a weasel. Crawl back to your hole, coward. You’re leadership is as strong as the wind blows.
  26. Ummm yeah the title pretty much says it.....don't know why I even need to write it again down here.
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