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Who is Case Keenum?

Goofy Goober



The University of Houston may just be the best team no one has ever heard. Yesterday, the number two rated offense of last year put the beatdown on the number five team in the nation, Oklahoma State.

Case Keenum is the best quarterback EVER who you have not heard of. Last year he threw for more yards than all three of last years Heisman candidates (Bradford, McCoy, Tebow). it will be a shame if he isnt a candidate thid year. If you want to look smart, tell your co workers and your friends that Case Keenum and Houston are going to make a big splash with the BCS.

Other News

1 Florida lays down another smackdown, holding Troy to only 6 points

USC sneaks past Ohio State in primetime matchup.

Michigan upsets 18 Notre Dame



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Doubt it. There is no way Houston does anything in the BCS and you are forgetting that there are much better players than Case Keenum who are on better teams. Daryl Clark and Evan Royster on PSU. Jerod Sneed or whatever his name is.

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Hahah Daryll Clark? He is a fine player, but I doubt he has ever put up 570 yards in a game. Last I checked, Jevon Sneed was leading Ole Miss to rock bottom after they were ranked #4. Look up Case Keenum's stats. They don't lie.

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