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Well I'm off

Ruler with Plan X



After the feast of the worms and the rebuilding everyone was tired. The queen ordered the changing of the guard so the rest of us could get some sleep

This isn't as much of an entry as it is a random update. Sort of like the twittering of birds as they tell eachother the most insignificant updates to their lives. Like "OH OH HEY EVERYBODY LOOK... LOOK AT ME I'M TURNING AROUND DON'T I LOOK DAMN GOOD ON MY BACKSIDE!?!?"

God they are the most annoying things on earth. A young bird took some poor ant early this morning and as he was flying off I swear he said "HAHAHA LOOK GUYS I GOT AN ANT AREN'T I THE BEST HUNTER EVER!!!" Everyone else says they are just saying "tweet," but I know better than that. Birds aren't as stupid as everyone says, just a little bit less than that. They can talk that's for sure



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The way to deal with birds is a multitudinous sneak attack. Some may say that thousands of ants moving will be hard to keep secret but to them i say this; there is a reason that 'bird brain' is not a compliment.

Hordes of ants going 'over the top' with cutlasses clenched in their mandibles is a stirring sight to see.

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