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The difference in having a good military and not.




Oprah Winfrey was involved in a study by a Chicago University professor in which the DNA profiles of the participants indicated where in Africa their ancestors originated. Chris Tucker the actor was also involved plus two other outstanding African-Americans whom I cannot recall at this time.

Ms. Winfrey was asked where she thought her linage came from. Her answer, "I always heard it was Zulu.". The professor had to tell her there were no Zulu slaves- a historical fact.

Why is this so? The Zulu were a militant society, brilliant warriors and were even able to take on the British army. Could this have any bearing on the fact that there were no Zulu slaves? The fact is that warrior societies are able to resist evil. No evil has ever ended until warriors took on the task of getting rid of it; and good warriors in your midst guarantee you do not have to live under an evil regime.



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