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Spheres....what are they good for?

Buffalo Niagara



Well with the move of Stickmen to Purple and some other things we are hearing through the grapevine, how important is good relations on a color sphere? Well for Olympus it was a determining factor on where we called home. There were two possibilities tbh, purple and white becuase of our early beginnings. We have some close friends on both spheres, but we saw purple as a more unified and we had more contacts there.

End of the day, sphere communication is good for trades...what else? I have my own opinions but want to see some of the other comments before I give further input.



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It's important for trades and aid, but I don't think color MDoAP blocs are necessary though they are helpful for unification. I think economic pacts like SNOW and Blunity are good enough in my mind. I don't need to be in a color like Purple or Maroon.

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The main difference in culture between spheres has to do with senate policy. When you move your nation to a sphere, you put your aid slots and your non-secret trades at the mercy of the senate on that team. So how a sphere determines its senators has pretty significant practical value to a nation ruler.

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