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Philosopher Kings of Bob




Its becoming increasingly apparent to me at least that the elder statesmen of Pacifica and Polaris; Ivan Moldavi, Doitzel and the like; have rendered unto Bob an unprecedented leadership that has, for the most part, been met with open arms. While not a complete and total re-alignment of values, the new "Philosopher King" mentality has creeped into Bob-wide thought. The recent spat with IS/CG was resolved by Doitzel (or Elyat, whatever one prefers) and the new Moldavi doctrine, however self-aggrandizing and pompous it seems comes born from one strand of Pacifican hubris that has no intention of evaporating from our Cyberplanet's surface; that these players, while no longer holding the leash of fear around the neck of Bob still resolve to lead it in a similar fashion regardless of their current position. Its admirable if power and prestige are used for benevolent purposes (as Doitzel has done) but I shall adopt an attitude of healthy skepticism of NSO, who have embroiled themselves as many wars (that they cannot lose, mind you - the "one-cycle" police action has no victor; it could be likened to a licensed tech-raid.) in since their formation than I have ever participated in on my 1,020 days on Bob (I have been in 4 - GWIII, IV, No Vision and Karma.) and to me, has an overly bellicose posturing. However I cannot paint them as such without studying their culture and goals, which, like many alliances remain concealed.

I would encourage more of these "Philosopher Kings" to stand tall as leaders and mentors to smaller, newer alliances as well as setting an example to all. However as this game has frequently taught me, almost nothing is as it seems.


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Doitzel resolved the situation by threatening military action, backed by VE. That's not really philosopher kingish.

Meanwhile Invicta sent aid to an alliance at war without a treaty, more or less daring the other side to attack us. That's not either.

I don't think Ivan had anything to do with that situation at all.

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