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A random thought...




... from a linguistics major/international studies minor at Uralikan Yliopisto.

It would seem that Robertian alliance politics is much like language. Languages can go through shifts between agglutinisation, where words can be stuck together and inflected to make new words, and isolation, where even the inflections are morphologically separate from that which they are semantically attached to, and considered separate words.

In much the same way it would seem that Robertian alliances are becoming larger in number and smaller in size, much like the words in a language shifting towards being an isolating language. There were times were alliances became much larger, and there were fewer in number, much the same as words in agglutinative languages, or shifting towards agglutination.

- Santtu Haasanen, an excerpt from a paper he wrote for INTS 200, "The Alliance: The Basic Building Block of Robertian Society"



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