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In Defense of Poison Clan

Tron Paul



When I see the annual barrage of hate that floods every Poison Clan thread, I chuckle.

Poison Clan's aggressive self-focused policies are frequently compared to the New Pacific Order, and Poison Clan is constantly hounded by critics. Alliances like Mushroom Kingdom which preached white peace and karma were fighting alongside an alliance which entered the war by "violating a treaty" and demanded reps. The "Bus Doctrine", an anti-tech raiding policy on the pink sphere was modeled after the NPO Moldavi Doctrine and is constantly challenged by vocal forum personas who are quick to point out the support of tech raiding in alliances like Poison Clan. The Bus Doctrine was devised by Poison Clan, as the name suggests. There are seemingly a million reasons to dislike or hate the alliance.

So, why on earth do they still have allies? Well, it's strange really.

When Poison Clan entered pink sphere, most of the alliances looked cautiously. Under the guide of King Xander the Only, Jason8, and others, the sphere had grown a distrust of large powers. Poison Clan was tied to Valhalla, and many of my comrades saw this as a breach of Pink sovereignty. What happened next, was unbelievable. RAD absolutely fell in love with Poison Clan, and TCB's contact [Extraduty, now an IS triumvir] gave the thumbs-up for diplomatic relations. The CORAL bloc was over-written, and a PWNAGE sphere bloc established. At the throne of PWNAGE sat the triple threat MDoAP of RAD, TCB, and Poison Clan.

As a previous hater, I had looked for every excuse in the world to hate Poison Clan. I just couldn't find it. They impressed all of us on Pink and earned their MDoAP's. I remember vividly several occasions in PWN channels I would be in awe, they understood the game so well, they were the perfect allies. They weren't coming on Pink to take over, they were one of us.

Poison Clan are killers, yes. Poison Clan are evil, yes. But at their core, they are gamers. They are playing this game with a brutal efficiency and PWN respects that. IS plays the game of argument, RAD plays the game of lulz, and Poison Clan plays the game of killing.

When the Karma Crusades proclaim an end to the violent acts of Poison Clan, I'll chuckle. Karma plays peace, Poison Clan plays killing.


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