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Ruler with Plan X



Today a few of us left the mound to go find some food. It started out routine a few of us had some trouble getting over giant branches nearly a half foot tall. They got slippery after the rain last night. We found a load of dead worms on the other side of the large black cliff. There was a feast later that night, but the day wasn't all happy. On our way back #9721 was hit by a strange beam coming from a giant on the horizon. It made terrible terrible sounds as my companions around me were hit by his weapon. It then covered the main entrance and it took an hour to repair all the damage he caused.

We sent a diplomat to a nearby colony of the Red and Fire Ant Mercenary Emporium to see if we could get some protection in case the creature came back. They set up camp near us and managed to hold the thing off when it came back.



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