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Denied Bohemian Lifestyle




Today in a discussion with my wife I mentioned a novel ideal.I could go to New Orleans in the French Quarter at Jackson Square and label myself as the worst artist in the world,and do portraits for a nominal fee.I would have to look like an artist. or the stereotype-beret,goatee,longer hair carry a palette and speak with a French accent and the tourist just for the novelty might purchase these portraits drawn with the extent of my talent as stick figures(if there is an artist gene, it was left out of my genome).

Patron: "This is awful my child could have done this better."

Me: "I think billing myself as the world's worst artist covers that."

My wife remained unconvinced and thoughts of me entering the bohemian lifestyle were not to be.Lately, when the topic was closed, I thought of other marketing that might have helped sway her.

Tarot card reader: If you were going to pay to have your future foretold by a tarot card reader would you pay,if the reading was in an office just like your bankers'.Probably not it would not be conducive to the art.Candles and occultist imagery would give it a more welcome atmosphere.Your confidence in its accuracy would rise, if the person looked like they practiced the art.

Voodoo paraphernalia: If you wanted mojo would you go to a shop where it looked like Saks Fifth Avenue with all the paraphernalia under class or would you go to a place that looked like it was closer to the practice,a old brick building on Poydras Street in the French Quarter.

So I wonder if my ideal will work ,especially if I used a lot of hubris, chutzpah and the proper marketing.



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