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Open Textbook Project




Rough draft of my first flier... made it today.

Open Textbook Project

I'm able to be contacted at XXXXXXXXX

The project also has a page at http://opentextbook.livejournal.com/

Any and all help is appreciated.


Open Curriculum Project

Background: As an ESL teacher of nearly five years experience I've had the misfortune of encountering a variety of textbooks. Most of these textbooks are unhelpful in nature and do very little to prepare the students to speak English with confidence and fluency. My recent volunteer experiences with an Orphanage in China has prompted me to consider the development of an Open Source English Textbook. The need is clearly there as the students and the Orphanage can not afford textbooks. This puts the students at a disadvantage with their peers who do have access to Internet, textbooks, and other resources.

Objective: This project is designed to create a free textbook, supplemental materials, games, and teacher's guide that will be made available for free downloading.

This project will consist of three phases:

Phase 1: The project revolves around the creation of a series of textbooks and materials. Rather than rush in head long to procure hosting, gain supporters, and raising funding I wish to produce the materials first.

Start of Project focus will be on creating the beginner's level textbooks and associated materials for Internet distribution.

Phase 2: Once the beginner's textbook has been reviewed, proofed, and made ready for hosting it will then be put out for general distribution. Hosting will be acquired from an American host to ensure quality of service and to avoid lengthy hassles in gaining permission to create a web-site in China.

Phase 3: The long term nature of the project will be to provide ongoing additions to the material. Likewise, it is hoped that new editions of the material with up to date supplemental items are made available through an Open Source Scheme.

To assist in this matter a open forums will be made to provide an accessible venue for users of the materials to post their own revisions and updates.

Further, it is also hope that others will be motivated to create textbooks of their own in different subjects. By doing so it allows various non-profit enterprises to avoid the costs of buying textbooks.

I can be contacted at XXXXXXXXXXX for questions or offers of assistance.

or at Live Journal: http://opentextbook.livejournal.com/

Help is needed and will be greatly appreciated.



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