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Is This Change?

Ryan Greenberg



When the Karma War first began I supported Karma. Even though I was fighting on the Hegemony side, I also thought NPO's actions were dispicable. I wanted change. I wanted to see the end of EZI, PZI, Viceroys, brutal terms, and all of the rest of Pacifica's wrong doings in the past. I though Karma would bring that change. Tonight my mind was changed. Once I saw Echelon's terms, I was also disgusted. I thought that it was stupid to have to make Echelon take responsibility for starting the war when all they did was defend their ally. I also though how stupid it was to ban a former government member from being government again. Was this really Karma? It sure didn't look like it. It looked a lot like what NPO had done in the past. The terms they had given to defeated alliances. Huge amounts of tech to pay, huge amounts of money to pay, banning members from being government, blaming alliances on acts in which they didn't commit. This was not change. This was just as worse as the Hegemony's acts to other alliances. This was Karma using their dominate power to "force" Echelon into accepting these terms. I applaud NPO and TPF for continuing their fight. Though both have been at the head of the Hegemony and both have given terrible harsh terms; they have continued to fight. They have continued to refuse the terms that Karma gave to them. If I were the leader of either alliance, I also would continue fighting, no matter what the odds.

o/ NPO

o/ TPF

o/ NpO



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