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My Twitter Blog A Day in the life




I work hard to be worthless, but Haf keeps throwing it in my face!

I was happily idling the CDT channel, when Haf went and invited me to the CDT Private channel just to see my KB'd! And then he didn't say anything but lol.

Haf is evil.

p.s. Try to be more Hostile toward Haf. Not only is he evil, but he supports it!

This will now be my twitter style blog. Everyone please click the ignore button! :lol1:

From now on all blogs will be 140 characters or less!


A good start, perhaps.

What does that mean! It could be taken in so many ways! Were we off to a bad start before or were they? Oh man! I just don't know!

I'm bored. I'm glad you allowed me to kill the last minute or so of your life, unless of course your at school/work and just want to kill time, in which case I want some form of compensation. Thanks.


I am such a good blogger.

In a step of supperior blogging, I added the last 5 people to view this blog as editors :D Oh, and Admin. I don't think anything can go wrong. ^_^



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