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A Day in the Life of a Target Worker.




As a Target Electronics Worker, I am charged with making everyone's experience fast, fun, and friendly while they look for their new Television, Camera, or random Video Game. While I twist my face into a smile, random shoppers in cowboy hats and short shorts open boxes, rip apart game cartridges, and ask me if their new converter boxes can pick up their neighbors cable. While everyone knows that Retail is about as fun as the lowest levels of Hell, I think Target, excluding Wal-Mart, might take the cake for the worst.

First of all, to the guests: No, I do not understand your cable set up when you say, "I have those rabbit ears with those cables, and I need more cables." Second, no, our Target TV channel is not on cable, and we cannot change the channel to put on the sports game. Third, yes, I am a female working in electronics, and no, I am not the 'token cashier'. I am actually one of the most knowledgeable workers that you will find in my store, and if you ask the boys, they will most likely ask me anyway. Fourth, no, we do not match prices with Wal-Mart. Deal with it. Fifth, if we carried everything on our website, we'd need a store the size of Delaware. It's online, and our website will not steal your credit card. I don't care how paranoid you are. And last, but not least, I don't care if you want to act all snooty and tell me you'll go to Best Buy instead. I will gladly write you directions so you can cause them problems instead of me.

The best thing about Target has to be the workers. Your store manager will likely be a man that could care less if you got struck by lightning tomorrow, but if you pull in enough sales, he might say hello. The Team Leaders are all out to kiss $@! and become an Executive, so they'll be nice to you, as long as an Exec isn't around. Your coworkers are as apathetic as you are, and will probably answer the phone in a different indian accent every time someone calls. When it comes down to it, your coworkers are what keeps you going. Every time they bounce a kid's ball through the ceiling tiles, it gives you another week that you feel you can hang on. And every time that woman with the huge purse accidentally discharges your fire extinguisher, it makes you laugh just a little more as your lungs fill with the yellow dust.

So come on down to Target, and we'll ask you through our fake, plastered smiles, "Can I help you find something?"


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