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Shaq to the Cavs?

Goofy Goober



The Diesel teaming up with the King?

Preliminary talks are starting between the Cavs and the Suns, which if agreed upon, would send Shaq to the Cavs for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic.

Do you realize how great this is? If we thought that Kobe VS Lebron would be awesome, how great would it be if Kobe met his archenemy (Shaq) and his greatest rival (LBJ) in the Finals!!!


Shaq did average 17 points and 8 rebounds and was an All Star last year. One of the major reasons they want him is so he can play defense against Dwight Howard, which Zydrunas Ilgaulskus couldnt do.

Not to mention that if they give up Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic, Wallace is considering retirement and Pavlovic isnt even in the Cavs 8 man rotation.



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