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Hostility on the forums



Just because you see a nation with more than 2 years of play don't assume they sit here nightly and read every topic on these forums or even remotely want to get involved in politcs of CN. Up until 6 months ago when we merged with the GDA..we hadn't been in a single war outside tech raids. So to say things are pretty standard to you and others in the political/war arena, they don't necessarily apply to the community as a whole.

This is remarkably common.

My feeling it is due to the rather hostile environment that the forums have become. When I first started playing CN, in the summer between GWIII and the Unjust War, the forums were not terribly difficult to keep up with. Mostly back then I read them to keep up with Valhalla's antics; that was the summer of Wedgie's reign of terror in Purple.

People argued, but there wasn't that sense of incredible bitterness that permeates the forums now.

Back then, there were plenty of sycophants, as there are now, but back then sycophancy mostly took the form of posting nice things about your idols, whereas now it mostly takes the form of slamming your idol's enemies.

It worries me that we seem to have taken up Josef Thorne as our model for posting.


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True that Haf; the default response has been to snipe and not support these days. 170 pages of "NPO is teh sux0rz?" Surely we're more civil than that.

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I agree with Delta on this one. It was so bad, GOONS employed Shark Week as a means to clean up the muck. (I can only imagine the outrage if some force were to employ such a tactic today-- I mean look at the stir it caused then, not all of which was entirely unjustified.)

Thankfully, some time after the Unjust War, the rules that stated what exactly constituted an acceptable post were made more stringent.

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Well, keep in mind that my impression was formed mostly in the time around and following the Unjust War. I joined the game the summer after GWIII, so I don't really know about the earlier days.

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