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Staff Awards

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The CN staff are pretty hard workers. However, sometimes we do big staff audits to make sure everyone is doing a spectacular job. These audits can cause changes in teams and how we're organized, to make sure we are doing our job to the best of our ability.

Not very much changes after this audit, because such a stellar job is being done by everyone.

Without further ado,

Spock and Allan a Dale have taken on more responsibility and become global mods. If you don't know what that means, you may go look at the official list of moderators located strategically in the moderation forums.

And now for some moderator awards. Because no mod would be complete without one: :o

* Sword of Estel is someone who doesn't seem to do that much on the forums. Really she does a ton. We just can't see it, because they're not in post form. For this, she wins the Stealthy Ninja award.


Also, she just really likes ninjas. But pirates are better.

* So we have this mod, Vivi who sometimes handles big problems on the forums. The problems he handles however, aren't the nice, easy ones. He gets the hard ones. And by gets, this means he stalks them, and totally destroys them. He gets the Always ready to take down a challenge award.

* unbiased mod loves to chat. Especially in Justy's bar. This could be because he likes to talk, or in fact, it could be because he is extremely addicted to e-alcohol. So he gets the Warning! May not be sober!? award.

* Top Cat is a cat. Atlas is a cat-eater. Somehow they have been able to put these differences aside, or perhaps not. Top Cat wins the Evader of Atlas award. gallery_14088_6_25927.jpg

* Evenstar is amazing. She's like the best game mod we have too. And forum mod. Apparently she's good at answering phone calls too, though she rarely gets any. She gets the Can do more than you award. Because she can.

* Allan a Dale likes bugs. He always has, since he was a small child. He likes to find them, and eat them. And pull of all their little legs and render them useless. He gets the Bug Finder award. He also gets the Drives Admin Bonkers award, because someone has to get it, so it may as well be him.


* Atlas wins the Huh, guess I'm not as inactive as I thought award.

* Megabyte is a machine. You can tell by his name. And the way he mods the RP forums. But mostly because of his name. He gets the Not really Human award.

* Inspector Zenigata may be the newest to the team, but has been essential to its performance. He wins the modest mouse award.

* HK47 likes nothing more than to get all dressed up and go to formal dances, however usually he ends up being the guard at these occasions. Sadly, most people do not like having gun-wielding robots at their parties. HK47 never gives up trying though, and so for his efforts, he gets the Masquerade award.

* Philotheos beat Sword of Estel in everything. Except for answering phone calls, but no one really likes talking on the phone anyway. Because of this supreme win over Estel, Philo has been even more arrogant than usual. Philo wins the Pompous, Arrogant, but yet, quite stylish award.

* Stormcrow gets the Wait. I'M A GAMEPLAY MOD?!? award. Speaking of which. Stormcrow's a gameplay mod.

* Manwe (aka snuggles, or snuggle bunny) is a game mod. Manwe gets the SUPER DESTROYER OF MULTIES award. If you're a multi, you'd better just come out with it, because if you don't, he will find you. And you will be deleted. Or Banned.


* Severus Snape has been a motivator to us all, particularly the senior staffers. The team would not be as good of mods, or people, without him. For this, Snape wins the Inspirational award.

* The Toaster likes to make toast. He makes toast of those boiler room members in particular. He gets the pops up award as he always seems to suddenly make appearances. He also has been the one to provide food for the majority of the mods (except atlas.) And as we all know, the Philo hungers.


* Kefka is a very important person. He has demonstrated that he has better things to do than talk to you. He gets the That's right, I'm important award. Because he is more important than you too.

* Edward Cullen is often found in the boiler room. He likes nothing more than things getting steamy and heated. He gets the It's getting hot in here... award.

* Spock gets the Always Ready for Action award. Because yes, he's always ready. :ehm:

* Darth Revan does a lot. He often gets overlooked because of some of the older members on the team. But watch out, because he gets the Right behind you award.


* This mod is newer to the team. Some might call them an attention hog, admin might just call them annoying. Loxley wins the HEY KEVIN! LOOK! LOOK AT ME! KEVIN! award.

* Not much is known about Callahan. He has a tendency to show up for a moment and then suddenly, he vanishes into a cloud of smoke. No one knows where he goes. So he gets the Vanishing Mystery award.

* The Eye doesn't have time for chit-chat. He's always focussed, and trying to get stuff done and be accomplished. For this he gets the Shut up, I'm trying to mod award.

* And finally, though no one really cares... admin is someone important, and always seems to be around, no matter what time it is. It really makes it impossible for the mods to get away with anythi.. er.. He gets the MOST CONSISTENT award.


Thus concludes this edition of Moderator Awards. These awards have been given by the powers that be, and are bestowed upon the CN moderators. Tune in next time for further modly goodness.

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UCN owns the rights to the term Snuggle Bunny. Don't make us snuggle you into submission.

Further unauthorized use of this term will be viewed as a threat upon the sovereignty of UCN and will be met with harsh retaliation (aka snuggling).

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