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Standing Among Giants





Some alliances judge their success by numbers found in formulas. Some alliances judge their success by comparison lists. The Oblivion defines success by our dedication to one another and our firm reliance on a community of members that would willingly walk into the Oblivion for the good of a fellow member.

In the latest edition of the Amazing Sanction Race, The Sweet Oblivion received a surprise mention. For the most part, TSO members are not into all the stat comparisons and usual silliness that dominates Planet Bob. TSO defines success in terms of quality and activity more than quantity and Nation Strength. We would prefer a 1K NS that is active over a 50K NS nation that does not bother to check into our forums.

Also, adding to the surprise of some is the fact that when we publicly declared our existence, people were openly predicting a short stay for TSO on Planet Bob. Some even predicted less than a month.

I know the members of TSO have always been confident in our success and and that confidence has never been based on statistics or pixels. Instead, we have based our confidence on the exceptional quality of our remarkable members. If you evaluate an alliance on the quality of its membership, then the Oblivion stands among the giants.



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