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TOP and Purple




Megabyte, you closed the thread. You fiend. :war: Of course your reasoning is quite correct. :)

The war was won by the time they entered.

This statement is the lol.

When TOP entered, everyone in Purple was doing what we wanted to. Our large nations were operating with no defensive wars all over the place.

TOP changed all that.

If it hadn't been for their intervention, the peace terms I would have been going for would have been white peace for Orion. The rest of the Invicta-NebX-Orion peace deal would not have happened.

And yes, that's right - that would have meant Invicta was free to attack other alliances. And believe me, we would have.

TOP saved a whole lot of you guys' butts. If it hadn't been for them, the war would have been fairly even. If they'd come in on our side, I would right now be running around telling my allies to lighten up on the surrender terms, I have no doubt.



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I have to say that the contents of that thread took me by surprise.

I was disappointed in efforts to downplay the contributions of members of the coalition. I was certainly glad that TOP came in. The war was won if they stayed neutral, but that was true of any other individual group too, and TOP certainly made their mark for us.

On the other hand I can certainly see why their nuclear policy caused some hard feelings, and the IRON deal certainly doesn't look great, so I can understand why there was some angry posting against them too.

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I'm not entirely convinced the war was won if they stayed neutral.


That's what I was doing to my targets. TOP got me, and a lot of nations like me, out of the war.

I feel certain all this talk of taking NPO's sanction wouldn't be happening without TOP.

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We had a lot of forces that were barely engaged or not at all engaged that we could have shuffled were the situation dire. That doesn't mean that TOP's contribution wasn't large or appreciated though.

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I agree, without TOP, GRE, and a few others this war would have been a tighter affair. Certainly Karma had the firepower to eventually win out. However, it would have been much more difficult.

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Your front wasn't large enough to turn around a war in which every other section of your side was getting pounded into bits. Either someone else would have freed up to hit you as alliances peaced out, or you would have gotten that surrender you said you would and started engaging the main front where you would have gotten run through the meat grinder.

As much as it pains me ever to agree with watchman, he is correct. TOP tied you up so the war was a little shorter and a little less damaging. Maybe if you take out both TOP and Gremlins, leaving everything else as is, the war becomes dodgy. A lot of that is from Gremlins being instrumental in coordination, though. The war was already won by the time TOP entered, whether you accept it or not.

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