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Nordreich's "Ideology"




This is a question that is asked of me fairly often. Usually it's framed as something like, "You guys aren't really X or Y, are you?" But the PM I received today put it quite simply:

"What is Nordreich's Ideology?"

There are, of course, both IC and OOC answers to this question.

A completely sufficient OOC answer would require me to ask every member what they believe on a host of issues, and I'm not prepared to do that because, well, it sounds like work. So I thought that I would poll the Triumvirate about their political beliefs.

First, this is me. From that, you may (rightly) infer that I'm a libertarian, and have been since about 1982. Specifically I would define myself as a paleolibertarian. I believe that people are free to do whatever they want -- provided they don't infringe on my right to do the same -- but in my personal life I am fairly conservative. I genuinely believe that a healthy family is the foundation of a healthy society. I go to church. (Some of you know that I studied at a seminary for a couple of years and actually lived in a monastery in New Mexico for a while.) I believe in being a good neighbor and, as far as I can tell, it's appreciated.

It turns out that the two North American-based Triumvirs are libertarians as well. They are even more permissive than yours truly when it comes to social policy.

This leaves our lone European Triumvir, who happens to be a Scandinavian. The political spectrum there is rather different from North America's. For one thing, damn near everyone is a socialist to some degree. (This is also true in Canada, I should add.) Anyway, by local standards, our EuroTriumvir believes that he would be called a libertarian as well, although by North American standards he would probably be classed as either a moderate liberal or moderate conservative. In other words, a centrist.

There you have it, folks. The four leaders of this autocratic alliance called Nordreich are, in fact, libertarians of one kind or another. We had a pretty good laugh about that, and I thank the person who asked for setting us up for that joke.

So what is Nordreich's "IC" ideology then?

Nordreich is a surprisingly diverse group, so it always makes me scratch my head just a little bit when someone accuses us of supporting extreme ideologies. We speak of "the Folk" a lot, but in practical terms this refers to our members, regardless of where they come from.

I guess if I were to boil it down to its essence, Nordreich's ideology is: "We Rock"



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Yet more chipping at my ambivalence, at this rate my old Commie based prejudices will be wiped out altogether! :D, but seriously its good to see some clarification on this very subject....least some on Bob still feel like throwing the Nazi tag about the place.

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Obviously I can't control what people think. The best I can do is state what I know and hope that people are paying attention.

This is usually followed up by, "So you're saying that nobody in Nordreich holds those views."

And no, I'm not saying that at all. I would say that it is in fact a virtual certainty that people with those views are in Nordreich. Perhaps because of our own troubles in that regard, many of us in NoR are quite aware as to who the real nutjobs are and where they reside. At the risk of inspiring some kind of paranoid witch-hunt....the fact is that they're everywhere in CN.

Just for fun, though, let's say I'm lying through my teeth and that everyone in Nordreich -- including the Israelis, Jews, east/south Asians and so on -- positively worships Hitler, practices goose-stepping and so on.

The problem: Nearly everyone on the Nordreich Community Forum plays CN. Something like half of these folks are in Nordreich the CN alliance. The remainder belong to alliances all around CN. I don't even know where many of them are.

OMG they're everywhere!

Seriously, though. I'm not in the business of policing what people believe. To be honest, I don't really care, unless and until it spills over onto my boards. Then it's a problem, and one that this Kaiser of Nordreich -- with his Jewish and Romani ancestors -- has full authority to deal with.

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Indeed, and both on my Mom's side, too. I'm not entirely sure how many generations back it happened, but one of my great-great-etc. grandmothers converted to Christianity. Since the question "Who is a Jew?" is answered by one's mother's line, and since this individual who converted was my mother's-mother's-mother's-etc.... then lucky me. According to every rabbi I've met I 'qualify' as a Jew. My children, however, do not. I find it all very strange, since the conversion in question took place more than a century before I was born.

The Romani ancestry is a bit more recent, a 'mere' four or five generations back on my maternal grandfather's side.

The thing is that my family has been in North America -- the last of my ancestors arrived in 1867 -- for such a long time that we stopped defining ourselves by far-away lands a very long time ago. When asked, I just say I'm Canadian.

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