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The New Age of Cybernations

Asriel Belacqua



Many people lately have been talking about change, the change Karma will bring, the change Karma won't bring, the beginning of this, the end of that, and the list goes on, and it's almost confusing to many people who haven't been around for very long.

If you do not want to hear my opinion, do not read further, if you don't mind, then continue.

I am here to say that I believe the change is good. I believe that a new, and Golden Age of Cybernations is upon us. By Golden Age, I do not mean an age where nations that have gold as a natural resource become more popular, no, though that might happen, I don't know.

No, by Golden Age I mean that I believe with all the changes that are to come, more people will join the game, and a population boom, of sorts, will occur. I believe that (following the trend of former wars) many new and unique alliances will form, and some people even deciding to revisit old ones, or return to unaligned status just to make a statement. I believe that this will become the age of choice.

Starting with the Vox Populi movement, we have watched as Civil Rights and Personal Freedoms across CN have been expanded greatly, and have turned from a ban on open speech, to everyone demanding they have their say. Even I, have become more vocal (and have started this blog!).

Criticize me all you want, it is just my opinion, and I could very well be wrong, stupid, or otherwise.

- Asriel Belacqua



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