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Good Bad Example




TFD recently canceled their MDoAP with NADC. Click here to read the announcement and subsequent spin session. Here's what happened:

TFD honored their treaties and entered the Karma War. While doing so, they enacted a clause of their treaty with NADC and officially asked for assistance. NADC refused and, instead, chose to declare war in support of their ODP partners at Zenith.

This is a really good example of how NOT to treat your friends. Do not ignore their assistance requests. Comply or cancel the treaty.

NADC and TFD have a long history. They have been the closest friends for two years. However, NADC's strange decision sowed the exact value of even their highest treaty - not much. If NADC will not heed the call of even their closest friends, who will they heed?

I genuinely hope that this was only a bout of temporary insanity amidst NADC leadership. However, such insanity will cost them in the future when they seek mutual defense partners.



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