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My Political Rant




This is pulled from a discussion at CSN. Someone had made a comparison of President Elect Obama to FDR, and Queen Ann Lace pointed out that FDR's 'New Deal' did not turn around the US economy.

I do congratulate President Elect Barrack Obama. He ran a good campaign, and did a pretty good job of hiding his true beliefs.

As Queen Ann Lace mentioned, the depression did not end until the US involvement in World War II. Unemployment rates remained as high as 20% until the 40's, a full 10 years for Roosevelt's New Deal to fix the economy. Such a great price was put on labor that no new jobs could be created, as it cost too much to keep those already employed paid. The term, 'Good work, if you can get it' was coined during this period due to the incredible lack of jobs. As many have said, The Great Depression wasn't so bad if you had work, but a full 20% of the labor force was unemployed, and high labor prices created a market in which new jobs could not be created.

Along with the government mandated high labor prices, there was great concern over the unreliable manner in which the government was acting. Investment capital was stayed because of sweeping and erratic government intervention in the private sector. The unknown factor of what the government was going to do made investment quite risky as concerns over government regulation and nationalization could not be allayed.

The upcoming administration seems intent on repeating the errors during The Great Depression. President Elect Obama has promised a lot of things to a lot of people. Nationalized health care for one. With the implementation of nationalized health care, the government will be involved with our lives and medical care to a far greater extent than ever before. They will decide what treatment you get on a cost-benefit analysis, instead of based upon what would best benefit your case and what you can afford. Treatment will be denied to you if you are elderly, as having a kidney transplant would be far more beneficial to a younger citizen. The government will dictate what treatment options are available to you, and involve themselves in your vices and lifestyle. They are, after all, paying the bill for your health care. Making it very plausible that there will be regulations upon what you can and cannot eat. The poor decisions of the few (smoking, obesity, and many other self-induced health risk factors) will no longer be the burden of those that brought it upon themselves, but will be the burden of the entire society.

Even in 'enlightened' countries such as the United Kingdom that have already enacted nationalized medicine, the demand for private sector health care has not disappeared. The people have basically the same health care system as the United States. Anyone can go to a county hospital, and they will be treated with the bare minimums to keep them alive, and then they are shuffled out the door, only to come back when they need more care. However, rider policies abound in the United Kingdom. The rider policy is a supplemental insurance policy provided by the private sector. With this rider policy, their health care quality is greatly increased. The treatment plan chosen is no longer decided upon by the government, but by the individual that has the rider policy.

President Elect Obama's promises to labor unions should also be of great concern. The labor unions have outlived their usefulness, and have become a burden to not only the industries that have their work force run by labor unions, but to the entire country. With hourly wages and benefits no longer dictated by prudent business practices, but by the union mob, many industries are failing. The domestic auto makers are bankrupt. They are saddled with billions of dollars of unfinanced debt to their retired labor force, and the current labor force is pushing them farther and farther into debt. The capital they should have for improvements to factories and research and development is tied up in outrageous retirement benefits and current benefits to their work force. They are currently begging for money from the federal government to pay for those programs. And, on top of it, the labor unions are demanding more benefits and higher salaries. This cannot go on forever, and at some point the current auto unions will no longer be concerned with higher salaries and better benefits, but with actually having a job.

The same plight affects the domestic airline industry, with the labor unions driving the airlines into bankruptcy through their demands.

The progressives, in bed with the labor unions, will drive new jobs from America, and create an economy where millions of jobs are lost because the businesses that support them can no longer compete with the elevated labor prices.

Amongst those concerns, President Elect Obama will be 'spreading the wealth around'. With the current tax system already highly favoring the poor and lower-class to the point where 40% of the American work force pays no taxes, President Elect Obama plans to create an even greater percentage of citizens that contribute nothing to the federal government. With his tax credits, millions of dollars will be payed to those that already don't pay taxes. That is not a tax cut. That is welfare.

He has pushed the concept of class warfare throughout the campaign. Calling those that make over $150,000 greedy. Claiming that it is their patriotic duty to pay more, when their tax burden is already disproportionate to their income. President Elect himself has spoken of the American Dream, and how he is the greatest example of it, yet he plans to further punish success via an even greater level of taxes on those that have succeeded in this country. His idea of 'fair' is not one of personal empowerment and reward for the successful, but one of slavery for the rich to pay for the poor.

His buy in with Al Gore into the claim of man-made global warming will cost the US economy trillions of dollars in lost jobs and increased costs. His energy plan will bankrupt the coal-fired power plant industry. With fully 40% of the United States power coming from coal fired plants, and the environmentalist ban on building new nuclear power plants, along with any other efficient and cheap source of power (gas and oil fired plants), it leaves the inefficient, expensive, and unreliable sources of wind and solar power. This will not only lose thousands of jobs, but electricity prices will skyrocket, along with a far greater scarcity of electricity than the United States is already facing. The blackouts and brownouts of years past will pale in comparison to those in the future, should coal-fired power plants be removed. This in turn will allow the progressives to step in and regulate another portion of your life. Regulating what your households power consumption can be, so as to make sure that the power grid remains up and running. He has mentioned that we can no longer keep our thermostats at 72 degrees, whether you live in the tundra or the desert (link). Do you believe this will be a volunteer program?

On top of the programs that will hurt, if not destroy our economy, he plans to create a civil security force that will be funded as well as the Department of Defense (link). This is an additional burden of between $600 Billion and $1 Trillion dollars per year (link). The real question I have regarding this civil security force is, whom will they be protecting us from? We already have civil security forces in place already. Whether on the local, state, or national level. We have police forces, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Homeland Security department. What role will these hundreds of thousands of civil security force people be protecting us from? Are there that many domestic threats that we need to spend over $500 Billion dollars in domestic security? I fear this program will turn into a thought police. They will be watching their neighbors to make certain their thermostat is set within government mandated parameters. They will be watching you. Big Brother is watching.

This, coupled with the 'Fairness Doctrine' will silence the voice of dissent. Creating a society where speaking one's mind is no longer acceptable, nor done for fear of reprisal. McCarthyism will return, where people are not harassed and blacklisted for espousing communist beliefs, but for any speech that promotes the ideals that made this country the greatest country on Earth; self reliance, personal responsibility, capitalism, and freedom.

We are taking steps towards communism, as predicted by Nikita Kruschev.

You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright, but we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you'll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We'll so weaken your economy until you'll fall like overripe fruit into our hands!

As quoted from Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agrictulture, after having hosted Nikita Kruschev on a visit to the United States for half of a day (link Go to about 37 minutes in for the Kruschev quote).

Also, if you cannot be bothered to read the entire thing, you do not belong in any conversation of this post. Ignorance and laziness are the current banes of this society.



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