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White peace vs reps vs honor and integrity

Buffalo Niagara



Something that has really impressed me as of late is the treatment and response of alliances that are surrendering on the "Hegemony side" by the "Karma side". I have to say overall at least with the purple alliances that we have regular contact with, our allies have gotten a lot of props, and gained respect for our honor and integrity during this conflict. Seeing the overwhelming odds we faced on entering even just Olympus vs Kronos was an uphill battle from the very beginning.

Alliances that fight and act with honor gain respect in the long term. In the case of Olympus for example, it was us that activated the D in our MDoAP with Valhalla. Valhalla put it out that they would not be requesting assistance from allies. However, in the spirit of the document, we felt honor bound to ride with them even if it was for just a short time.

When white peace was offered to Olympus, we approached our purple friends, and explained our terms and were encouraged to take them. Encouraged to step away from a conflict with a special goal in mind. To help our friends and allies rebuild when the time came.

Some say that those stepping away are without honor. I disagree. We faced some pretty tough odds going in, and stood proudly by our partners. We fought with honor, as did many of the alliances out there on the "Hegemony side".

That being said, we begin to watch the treatment of friends and allies and overall we are very pleased. My hats are off to many of purples opponents, most of the complaints were that the wars didn't go long enough for others to dance with purple and share the experience. That is truly a far cry from treatment of others in the past.

Now...to see if in fact that precedent can continue....Will the same be offered for those staying in longer, putting up an even more honorable fight against even more insurmountable odds. What point should reps be considered? At what point is white peace no longer on the table? Karma has the ability to change the precedent here...I hope they remember the times at the bottom as they make these decisions.

This boils down to NPO and OV in my opinion. Those two are the ones that should be getting and paying reps if anyone. The root cause of the war. The battles won and lost day to day...those entering and leaving now, have little effect. The war is won and lost on one front. Who is the victorious alliance? I only hope that when and if terms are offered and peace is finally initiated, the terms are fair. Paying for damages is one thing, paying for disagreements on philosophy is another.

Thanks for reading and see you next time...


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I agree with you about taking peace. At the end of the day, there is very little that an alliance Olympus or Zenith's size can do to shape the war either for or against your allies. You did your best, but at the end of the day, it wasn't really enough to turn the war either way. Your allies appreciate that you tried and so did your opponents.

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