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My View: CN Friendship

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This war has caused a lot of turbulent feelings. That is fine to me, politics are something that has always gone on this game and always will regardless of who is in charge. This is a game based on that. But one thing I found in this war was who my friends truly were. I have been government of TOOL since a year on May 1st. I've gone from Council to Deputy Hand of Foreign Affairs to HoFA now.

But I've kept my friendships separate from my duties of TOOL and always will. How do you entangle one with the other? You can't unless you end up betraying your friends. IF something I have learned in life it is this: hold what you treasure close. I won't betray TOOL or my friends. Thus my friends must understand that I value TOOL too and will not do things to betray it. My friendships are not based on the actions of the game but the person themselves. The moment you condemn your friendship to my alliance's actions or make stipulations based on that, my friendship ends.

How can this game have such profound impact on friendship? How can politics become entangled? To me that isn't true friendship. The moment someone asks me to place the friendship over my alliance, how can that be true friendship? That is saying that you have to follow my will over a game which shows to me, it cannot be real.

For how do you force someone to act one way if you know they value something? Friends have different interests, different issues, but a true friend respects that difference and doesn't make it a crux issue of the friendship. Having friends in different alliances is always difficult I have realized. But I still have friendships with many other people in other alliances and I have respected that their alliance does not touch my friendship with them.

So how it is possible to drag politics within friendship? It is painful to realize that some cannot see beyond that and realize that it was never a real friendship to begin with. Wars do not just impact the politics within this game, they also reveal the true nature of some.

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Very much agree with this. True friendship shouldn't be based on an in game AA, or a color sphere. True friendship comes from within and encompasses all the things dear to those who share such a common bond.

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The hardest thing sometimes for me is keeping my IC friendships separate from my OOC friendships. There are people in this game I consider OOC friends who are distinctly on the other side of the politics in the game. And of course there are IC friends in this game who are people I barely know OOC.

I suspect that most of the people in the game would be OOC friends if I knew them well. I usually get along well with wargamers, and that's who most of the players here are really. But the game is still much more interesting if there are enemies in it; it's tough playing a wargame where everyone is playing a cast member from Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice. :)

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