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Honour in Honest Sacrifice




Honour in Honest Sacrifice

Selfless Sacrifice over the Selfish Arrogance of the Enemy

[AP #7]

Lady Pacifica has called out to her people, to give up their lives for the progression of the collective whole. She honours those who suffer for the stability and advancement of a fragile, yet impenetrable Alliance (which is what sacrifice is all about). Lady Pacifica has made a battle cry for her people to fight vehemently for what is true, righteous, and just!

Like every war ever waged, sacrifice has left the largest mark. For the sacrifice of those who stand firm and fight the enemy without wavering, have provided a guarantee of a progressing peace. However, we must not confuse ‘sacrifice’ with slaughter or holocaust. In fact Comrades, Lady Pacifica warns us of the unjust wars that the enemy continues to force, trying to drive us closer to an apocalypse of ultimate failure and destruction. As always, the enemy has made measure to see fit that we die a horrible and degrading death, for they want Lady Pacifica and her people to vanish and never be seen again. The enemy has and continues to lay the very demise of Lady Pacifica and continually sets in motion, bombs of catastrophic proportions; and in doing so, the enemy wants to offer our very bodies in holocaust to empty and inhumane principles of vile repute. Sacrifice does not come from being sacrificed for the ‘gain’ of the enemy; rather, sacrifice is submitting to the principles of progression for the advancement of Lady Pacifica and her collective whole.

Comrades, another attribute to sacrifice that needs close attention, is conformity. Having conformity to the institute of truth and justice, is the very outline and foundation of sacrifice. Why sacrifice and not perpetual submission? For one Comrades, perpetual submission can only go so far (for the enemy uses this to conform their subjects), for sacrifice makes sure that individuality is preserved, yet, it also allows the collective whole of the people to move forward in progression; and second, perpetual submission allows room to randomly leave without being inflicted or subjected to the fullness of honest truth, intrinsic purpose, destiny, or responsibility!

Comrades, the enemy wants to psychologically pollute the very mind’s of people with a false hope of security from true sacrifice; yet, once they have entangled their victims with such lies and deceptions, subject them to tragic suffering and defilement – reigning upon them a need for perpetual submission.

Conformity then, is not an act of submission; rather, it is an act of selfless sacrifice! When we invoke the scales of justice in all that we do, then our sacrifice for Lady Pacifica is honoured and becomes a star of light and hope. On the other hand, corruption is ever at the steps of Lady Pacifica, for the enemy is trying to change the true meaning of sacrifice, from a basis of giving oneself for the greater purpose, to a lie that burns deep with sickness and vile repute. The enemy wants to ‘sacrifice’ Lady Pacifica for the inhumane advancement of their people. Comrades, this cannot happen; we can not be made a mockery among Cyber Nations and we cannot allow to be subjected to a horrendous holocaust!

In giving example of conformity for a true purpose, selfless sacrifice is born! By being lovingly pressured in principle by truth, to conform by way of sacrifice, the fruits of morality and value surface and become readily known. Comrades, in conformity, we are faced with a choice of adjusting ourselves to reflect the ‘Vision’ of Lady Pacifica, and we are provided the choice to sacrifice ourselves for the progression of a pure and righteous collective whole! Beware though, in choosing to sacrifice for an honest purpose, the enemy will try at all cost, to rationalize and deface the fullness of what progression is; for the enemy would rather you be a subject to their ill-repute of radical perversion of individuality, over being equipped with an individual and united uniqueness for a collective whole! Little does the enemy know, is that their perversion of conformity and sacrifice, is contrary to the very fabrication of truth and justice! Until they realize that their perversion is of little gain, they will continue to be lost in a deep sea of perpetual submission to a state of corruption and fascist idealism!

Next in line for a true sacrifice, is the strength one possesses; for strength reflects the overall character for sacrifice. When looking at character, it is important to consider all ‘styles’ of individual quality, whether grand or petite; for ‘styles’ are summed up in the principles of characteristics. Comrades, it is of utmost importance in character, to have the ability to work hard for Lady Pacifica and stay focused in a disastrous environment of situations. It is easy for the enemy to taunt, degrade, and defile truth and purpose; but, it takes the ability of ‘strength’ to combat the onslaught of the enemy! Comrades, Lady Pacifica has given responsibility for us to carry forward, and it is our duty to withstand trials and tribulations the enemy spews forth.

The enemy has plans to provide a structure for weakness, to hinder the abilities of progression, and to destroy the collective whole of Lady Pacifica! The enemy flaunts an array of arrogance; for they flaunt a false hope of a happy submission. Comrades, we should be very confident in our abilities to overcome the egoism and falsity the enemy prowls around portraying. Therefore in portraying such lies and deceptions, the enemy waives a flag of devious pride; such pride becomes a hatred and prejudice against truth and justice! When the enemies pride against sacrifice is not enough, they seek to fulfil their evil desires by centring themselves on the boasting of falsehood (beyond what they already boast about)!

Comrades, we are to quell any form of arrogance that may arise out of sacrificing for a just and noble cause; for if we fall into the bonds of arrogance, we then become exactly like the enemy, we become contrary to truth, justice, and progression! It is of necessity Comrades, to look over how to be in true sacrifice for Lady Pacifica, for when you sacrifice in honesty and fullness, you open yourself to gaining the heights of glory and the very essence of perfection.

Lady Pacifica has, is, and ever shall ‘prevail’ above any and all conflicts of domestic and foreign enemies! Comrades, onward, ever to Victory; onward, ever to a collective whole; onward, ever to fulfilment of truth, justice, and prosperity!


“The men and woman who have the right ideals … are those who have the courage to strive for the happiness, which comes only with labour, effort, and self-sacrifice, and those whose joy in life springs in part from power of work and sense of duty.:

~ Theodore Roosevelt

“Without selfless service, no one ever receives the fruits of their rewards.”

~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib

“Even now, we make no apologies for the choice we made. The sacrifices we made were selfless. The options we offered were patriotic; while the paths we chose were well thought out.”

~ Ibrahim Babangida

“We are formed and moulded by our thoughts. For those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts, give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.”

~ Buddha

In the process of sacrifice and progression; our use of inquisition for trial and error of the enemy, allows us to destroy arrogance and provokes humility upon all.”

~ Athenius



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