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Courage and Heroism




Courage and Heroism

In the shadow of death and at the helm of Victory

[AP #6]

Courage is a term that has been profusely used by many, yet in reality, a limited few have truly encompassed this virtuous and esteemed attribute. Courage at its finest is to have an authentic heart for people, an unwavering spirit, and being at the disposal of real truth. Comrades, it is hard to interpret courage in simplicity, yet, courage can be obtained, if only you submit to its principles with authenticity. Some try to confuse courage with rage of militant passion and therefore misinterpret the true content of what courage really is! To be more specific, the enemy uses a rage of militant passion to come up with devious tactics to get what they want, and what they believe to be right and just; moreover Comrades, this is a lie and creates falsehood and derails the true virtues of courage. On the other hand Comrades, courage is a development of character; without the foundation of being committed to truth, honesty, and resolve, courage can never be reached. If courage is reached outside its complex principles, then it is no longer virtuous and becomes the very atrocity of a rage of militant passion.

Next in the ‘Formula of Courage’ comes the attributes of ‘Heroism’. Heroism is the ‘Act of Courage’ at its ‘height of perfection’. Courage can be gained as such in facing a misfortune of great magnitude, yet not wavering to the enemy’s stronghold of lies and deception. Comrades, your actions during a difficult situation, will display your bravery (or lack thereof). Being called to courage and heroism at times requires you to willingly jeopardize your own Nation and stature as an individual - in order to save or progress the collective whole of the people. It also requires you to face whatever dangers and perils you may come across; and in doing so, you are to show a great deal of intelligence, fortitude, and righteous humility. Throughout your torturous fight for victory, you will face many encounters of vast hardship. From your misfortunes and trials, you will be able to regain in glory and praise once you have reached the point of victory. Therefore Comrades, your heroism is defined by the morality and intelligence you portray during crucial situations.

Comrades, each one of us is instilled with various virtues and vices, resulting in failure or advancment of progression; this is the very uniqueness in sovereign identity that Lady Pacifica holds. A few virtues that are gained in progression are courage, friendship, loyalty, and respect. Yet, we must be carful not to surmount to the tragic vices the enemy utilizes in their members; such as jealousy, greed, hatred, and rage of militant passion. Comrades, the enemy acts upon their ill-desires, by constructing a detailed plot that causes the demise of all parties opposed to their evil regime; yet, if they hold onto the passions and actions contrary to courage and heroism, the vices they hold to, will continue to be an overflowing insatiable appetite for death and destruction. Comrades, the rage of militant passion, is a leading temptation of many faults, and when combined with ill-regard for fruitful progression, it becomes a haemorrhage of vile sickness and destroys the very fabric of true unity and advancement for the collective whole of the people.

Comrades, the enemy is trying to defile the truth and force a counterfeit view that courage is a superficial strength; but, we are to remember and believe that courage is shown through the actions of the heart and spirit. Having a state of inner bravery allows us to overcome any restricting impediments the enemy may set forth and allows us to remain strong, even through desolate and degrading times are ever-present around us. Comrades, courage holds many meanings if it is authentic; however, to interpret courage as a commitment in standing up for what is right no matter the cost, is the ultimate reflection and very epitome of what courage is at its core!

Comrades, we must not allow the enemy to take control through intimidation or corrupt deception; furthermore, it takes strength from within to confront the enemy with the intent of promoting and practicing ‘One Vision, One People, and One Progression’. Ever onward Comrades, to a sustainment and progression of a collective people!

* * *

“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brace acts.” ~ Aristotle

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

~John Quincy Adams



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