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The Deception of the Enemy




The Deception of the Enemy

The failures, atrocities, and delirious attributes of deception

[AP #5]

One of the most difficult things for the enemy to admit is their ‘failure in deception’! It is through the inquisition of war that the true motives of the enemy are exposed. They are determined to press forward their ill-reverent and ill-progressive vision through false accusations and vile deceptions; for the very core of their workings are based on the principles of individual selfishness, greed, and envy. Whether the enemy wants to admit such faults or not, this basis is the very cause of their problems. Because the enemy continues to deny any civil act of diplomacy or understandings of a collective whole in progression, they root themselves in ‘unnecessary’ conflict, frugal arguments, unethical hatred, and horrendous selfishness. The only way the enemy is able to gain pleasure, is in the deception of others; they want to trick and subvert truth and the very precession of unity.

The enemy has created prejudices against authenticity and truth; and therefore they would rather look at selfishness as progression, rather than looking to unite for a greater cause. Throughout talks of resolve, the enemy has refused to admit their fault in truth, and have created a ‘mask of deception’. The enemy wants to create a barrier to the truth and they want to blame Lady Pacifica for their shortcomings. Because the enemy invokes deception to be apart of their refined character, it has become one of their greatest flaws; for the enemy wants to overthrow the goodness and progression Lady Pacifica has, as further wanting to manipulate her for their evil gain. Rarely has the enemy thus far addressed any issue truthfully; for many of them do not want to hear the truth. Lady Pacifica has and continues to try and show what genuine truth, loyalty, honesty, and collective faithfulness is; yet, the enemy is ignoring such offers and instead tries to pollute such goodness. Because the enemy refuses to acknowledge any form of resolve in diplomacy or relevant truth, their consequences are enormous and far greater than can be imagined.

The enemy’s biggest tool for deception is a collection of lies and false illusions of hope. The enemy tries to insight that there is no hope for Lady Pacifica in prevailing, for they try to ‘act in surrender’, only to turn around and stab Lady Pacifica in the back. The enemy tries to tell many that Lady Pacifica is empty and that her people are drone subjects to the state; that my fellow Comrades, is the very facets of ‘deception’ at its finest. The enemy sees themselves wrapped in perpetual failure and choked of life; for they cling to endless desolated principles and refuse to abandon their selfishness for a greater cause. Lady Pacifica time and again has tried to offer to the enemy an enkindling relief, yet they refuse to accept such offer! The enemy in their ‘deceptions’, try to invoke their own assemblage of shortcomings upon Lady Pacifica; for they try to offer (in lies) the hope of freedom from a collective order and deliverance from a progressive direction; for they themselves assemble under the banner of oppression and subject themselves to a ‘fascist dictatorship’! The enemy continues to fall short in authentic expression and tries to steal Lady Pacifica’s authenticity, trying to change her ‘Vision’ and make it their own.

Comrades, the enemy has continually tried to deceive Lady Pacifica with false hopes and dreams, for they have caused uproar in ‘progression’. The enemy has tried to steal the ‘Vision and Content’ of Lady Pacifica, to dilute and change her to their ill-progressiveness; therefore, in trying to destroy Lady Pacifica, they have created a cataclysmic state of war. The principles of deception at its very core and fabrication, is an ever consuming plague of death and sickness; for in deception, where is the truth? Truth therefore becomes present when the facets of deception are exposed and tried by inquisition! To make matter worse, the ‘Institutes of Evil’ (the enemy) have become the very breeding grounds for permeating deceptions. The onslaught of war against Lady Pacifica is a result of the enemy’s failure to support ‘One Vision, One People, and One Progression’! The enemy is diametrically opposed to such ‘Vision, People, and Progression’; and therefore, they must insight deception to deter people from this ‘Epitome of Glory’!

Almost the majority in the ‘Camp of the Enemy’ will not be able to escape the reality, that they are wrong and that it will not be easy for them to admit they need to change. How much more suffering must go on until they admit the truth? Only time will tell. But, in a reserved sense, the enemy is most likely going to be stubborn and embrace the very ‘institute of deception’. The enemy will try and provoke lies that Lady Pacifica is the very fault of truth and that she has no place in Cyber Nations; yet, Lady Pacifica ‘is’ to belong in Cyber Nations, and she does so by her boldness to progress forward.

Simply said, Lady Pacifica is not vain or covered in illusions of ownership; rather, she presents herself in humility and righteous complexity. The enemy will scream aloud that Lady Pacifica is a lunatic, but she is not; she is eloquent and preserved in honest clarity.

Lady Pacifica does not want to shout of the travesties the enemy runs around committing; yet it must be, because the enemy makes cause to do so. The trumpet of battle has been blown and now more than ever, the enemy is raising its banners of deception and debauchery high. Why does such talk of the enemy need to go on? Because, they refuses to accept responsibility for their actions of evil and their blatant denial of the truth. For in time of war, Lady Pacifica will quell the onslaught of the enemy; yet, if ever a time of peace, she will once again offer ‘One Vision, One People, and One Progression’, to those who are blinded by deception and cannot see the truth!

Comrades, it is of utmost importance to not follow or fall into the dark webs of deception that the enemy goes about setting! Stand firm, hold fast, and ‘progress’ to VICTORY! The enemy shall ‘not’ prevail.

* * *

“All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things” ~ Robert Southey

“People who indulge in the acts of deception and debauchery are devoid of success.” ~ Rig Veda



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