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"Honor, uhh, what is it good for?"




Apparently to some people, absolutely nothing.

Treaties have been canceled on both sides at the last minute. People have left their alliances to fight against the big bad NPO. So here's a thought to people:

Stick to your word.

That means that when you sign something, whether it be an application to enter an alliance, or a signature on a treaty, there is an intent to honor your word both in law (doing what your alliance requires of you), and in spirit. According to the lettering of the treaties, can they cancel their treaties at the last minute? Can they desert their alliances? Yes. They can. But is that the right thing to do? From a practical standpoint, all who cancel their treaties at the last minute, or leave their alliances to pursue a personal agenda, there will forever be a blackmark against your record - you will not be as trustworthy to be relied upon in the future. But from a moral one, is it the right thing to do?

I try hard not to be an angry person and not to carry grudges. Yet, I'm human and yes, I have personal grudges. But be that as it may, I also try to move past my personal opinions and do what is right for my community, in this case, Zenith. What is more important? My own opinions of the NPO or the self-ascribed "Karma", or Zenith's security? I'm putting my chips in with Zenith, even if that means going to war for a cause that I do not agree with. I keep my word.



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Yes, I totally agree with you, Ferrous. The notion that you agree to defend somebody only if the odds are right is ridiculous. That means that ever MDP is actually and ODP.

Good post.

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