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International Newsweek Revival

Bob Janova



After a long period of political stability, politics is back in the news – and how. Viridia made the first waves, after a minor diplomatic incident with the International over the aftermath of a forgotten war turned ugly and offended diplomatic sensibilities. Viridia's treaties with IRON, NPO and GGA disappeared at a stroke back at the end of March in a move that surprised analysts worldwide, moving them away from One Vision and into the waiting arms of the Superfriends (particularly GOD). Monos Archein soon followed with their cancellation on the NPO.

More headline cancellations on the NPO and their allies followed as April moved forward:

Sparta on TPF on the 5th, FOK on the 10th, and Ragnarok on the 11th (having also downgraded their treaty with NATO on the 9th). On the 15th, Sparta announced their withdrawal from Continuum, lending credence to recent rumours of major internal tension in that bloc and meaning that it has now lost a quarter of its signatories – so far.

Late breaking news: TORN also cancels its treaty with Viridia.

Dark Evolution withdraws from the Watling Street Compact

TPF also announced a 'cancellation' of their MDP with Valhalla, but this was widely seen as a prelude to an upgrade to MADP, considering the historic similarities in the alliances' positions – an interpretation greatly supported by the publication of a screenshot of the TPF boards indicating that to be the case. In the same announcement TPF publically denounced the practice of EZI, a surprise move to many and one followed shortly afterwards by the New Pacific Order, who also released GATO from their viceroyship – a move decried by some critics as populist, but almost universally supported by Serian commentators. (GATO also signed a PIAT with the NPO immediately after receiving the keys to the Cabinet Office, which attracted predictable mentions of Stockholm Syndrome.) In a similar vein, NPO, IRON and Valhalla released the high profile ZI listed Johnathan Brookbank.

Various other cancellations or downgrades also took place: MCXA-TTK, MCXA-FCC, UCN-Legion, CSN-USN – but these were not seen by Serian analysts as significant.

Amidst all the treaty carnage, the rehabilitation of MK from global pariah status continued with defence treaties at the end of March with our very own Grämlins and FOK, and a PIAT with the NPO. And Argent received the multiple blessings of most of Citadel, signing defence treaties in short order with four of the five alliances. The C&G bloc increased its strength markedly with the addition of Greenland Republic.

The sands of time are shifting under the feet of global political institutions once again. Let us hope that our national and alliance government can maintain a secure foundation during this time of change!



Recommended Comments

No :P. It is still too early to make any definite predictions, although there is a clear gap in the web between One Vision/Continuum and Superfriends, C&G and BLEU2. But whether it will lead to war or a pre-GW2 style cold war with hostilities avoided by the presence of alliances 'in the middle' (e.g. Citadel, Sparta, MHA) we will just have to wait and see.

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