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It turns out rye bread and cherry bombs taste alike





So that Ryebread that 44512 found. It wasn't Ryebread.

We dragged it down to Queenie. Hard work as she was nearly 17 inches down from the entrance. Anyway we got down there and guess what, there was 2932, Mr. king-of-the-anthill himself who told us Queenie doesn't like Rye. Freaking Fireant lied to me. Again!

So we dragged it back out - 62132 helped. We had just cleared the surface when it happened.

The light, who knows where it came from, but it was hot, a bunch of guards just exploded when it hit them. God, the screams, I'll never forget them. Anyway, the light is heading right at us. We drop the crumb. We weren't 3 inches away when it went off.


The whole top of the nest got blown off.

Queenie is pissed.

How was I supposed to know it was a cherry bomb?



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