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Yay, Regent!




So I've been devoting my CN time to a few projects that have been taking up a lot of my time. Hopefully, you guys will be able to see the fruits of some of my labor (along with a few others) in the coming weeks. But, since my brainpower has been devoted to other things, this will be a fairly light blog entry.

So I found out this past weekend that I got appointed to the position of Regent. It was a "double majority" vote from the council (3 out of 5 votes required) and the triumvirate (2 out of 3 votes required) in order to get the appointment. As Regent, I basically act like a government member in every way except that I don't get a vote. However, if a triumvir is absent, I fill the place, at least temporarily, and I get to work on projects for the alliance that don't necessarily fit into any of the other departments. Currently, I've been asked to set up a university - to teach more advanced subjects, like political science and such - for willing learners in Zenith. It's kinda cool, and a nice breath of fresh air to do something else besides tedious FA work all the time.



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