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The Beginning




I'm flying through waves of the past,

I'm flying through eras changed,

I'm flying through memories,

Cloudy and hazy,

Bright future clear and bright,

Flying faces by,

Good times spent on updates,

Flying memories of time spent by,

Different people, networks extended,

Hard to believe it has been a year already,

Time flies by.

On March 18th, 2008, I joined CyberNations. I once played CN a long time ago for 2 days in September of 2006. I left because I knew very little people and the game was complicated back then, being on a map, it looked rather confusing. I quit and vowed to go to that place that is not to be named and never leave again. So many people were leaving then, so many active members were lost to this place... and I stayed there in a region that I called my first home, my first online game community for 4 years. I still am there. Make fun of it you will, but it is my home and that won't change.

A month before March 18th, 2008, I joined CyberCitizens and quickly became emerged in a small community on there since it wasn't many players. I became highly active and known and found that majority were Cybernations players. I came to know the leader of Solaris, a small faction, and others who I called friends. I decided to join TOOL to see if I would like CN better this time, two years originally after I had sworn never to join that game again.

Now the dilemma that occured for me around this time was that I did not have steady Internet access. I had recently moved and my sister was very lousy at getting me connected to the Internet. I did however have a school laptop that filtered most things but not TOOL forums. Luckily, I got a loaner and managed to sign up at CN before they took it away. I mainly loginned on CN via my cellphone for a long time to check things and update it. Luckily, the library connected to my laptop which made it safe because that was only using one IP via my laptop and it was unlimited.

I managed to drift for 2 weeks after passing the academy at TOOL rather quickly. I had posted a few times in spam but remained largely unknown other than the fact that Asriel(grahamkeatley) made it known that I knew him. The academy was just beginning at this time and it took 2 days to complete each phase at minimum, so I officially joined TOOL as a member on March 24th. It was in the midst of elections, voting time, I didn't know who I vote for, so I abstained.

I quickly began to lurk as I do in most places, to learn the culture. I hid mainly in the backgrounds which would probably surprise most modern day TOOLies given now that I rarely do not know a person or with the ease I speak now. Somehow, I managed to stumble across an IRC site that allowed me to join this world that was of CN. That is how I spent most of my first month, on IRC, posting on TOOL somewhat but not much. I signed up to be a diplomat in April and became a mentor as well. That is where my roots began. I had merely 40 posts when I was nominated for the next election in May. I won, surprisingly enough for a new member. It was mainly due to my presence on IRC because something that I remember is having 40 posts and within a week, shooting up to 200 or something because of joining Council. I've been in TOOL government ever since.

When I first became a diplomat, I spent hours in each channel. I managed to max out at six alliances because I had the time to post on their forums but IRC those days was my main avenue and still is to this day. I didn't know back then the magnitude of IRON or TPF and how much attention one could draw by simply talking then. One thing I remember is the quietness of TOOL's IRC when I first joined and I started talking, within a week I was being abused and recognized by regulars who lurked but never talked. TOOL's IRC has never been quiet since. I probably disturbed the peace. A shout out to Alden, who was a taps player whenever IRC died on me. There weren't many people on IRC back in those days but it has changed since then.

My mentor streak must've been a combination of good luck or something else. I managed to graduate many mentees in quick succession, allowing me to earn somewhat of a reputation for it. My main passion remained in Foreign Affairs though due to the easy access on IRC. I could check the forums at school and mentees, but IRC was something I could do at home easily for hours. I enjoyed getting to know people, exploring my friendships and genuinely coming to know alliances, wanting to know them for them.

Unfortunately eventually, my diplomatic curse began to strike. Somewhat of a curse, with ASC and ACL being ate by RoK as soon as I was assigned to them, which is what led me to be being assigned RoK's diplomat as well as IAA going to war shortly after I was assigned. Au also while I was TOOL's diplomat to them suffered major losses in government members, FAN infiltration and eventually becoming disbanded/banded again under New Auric Armada which is now TOOL's protectorate. It was an interesting quick turn of events with so many people and so many alliances I became assigned to going to war or becoming disbanded. I became a joke of TOOL's curse. Send me there and I end up in trouble. :P It seems to have lost its power since though.

Those early assignments, I'll never forget. They helped shape my interest in foreign affairs. Some random events I remember early at that time was Wolfpack, LoFN and some other things as well as GATO dropping. I didn't understand the full impact of things until later being the newbie I was. That is probably why I chose to speak in IRON's channel without knowing much other than they were TOOL's ally. Aah, how newbies are so blissfully unaware. It can be pleasant at times not to be aware of what consquences or magnitude of actions. However, the play of politics intrigued me and I began to learn by reading CN forums avidly as well as following the CN wiki. Wiki teaches you a lot, don't doubt the power of the Wiki!

In the Council previous to my first term, WET was formed. A white economic bloc tied together in creation of all members. It was quickly formed and took some success. There is always debate on how to revive things among economic pacts with trades and tech. It is not that interesting to a person who has FA interests mostly. Tech is mainly just planning slots correctly, trades is always a pain in the butt and the most complicated thing in the game. However, WET lasted a few months before SNOW was formed, a new version and TOOL headed it up. It started strongly and became an impact upon TOOL and has been going nearly a year now.

This is enough for now of Mia's adventures.. :P It is most nostalgia in what can happen in a year..



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Go go Mia! An interesting read. I also admire the heart of the mentor... and I'll be sure never to let you be the diplomat to Zenith. No offense taken, I hope :P

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